Concrete, Foundation or Wet Basement Problems in Columbus OH?

If you are experiencing a foundation, concrete or basement trouble, these guys can help.

These pros have strategies to raise your concrete slab, fill your concrete cracks and make your basement dry.

If you are concerned your property has a problem in one of these areas, just make a quick call and talk about it.

You can describe your situation over the phone and they can tell you your options.

If you agree, you could coordinate a morning or afternoon to get together at your home for a close look.

Not Sure If You Have a Problem or Not?

In some cases, an Ohio homeowner is aware right away their house has a structure challenge.

They are able to identify the symptoms. It’s really obvious.

Yet in other instances, it’s not easy to see the symptoms.

While the majority of problems develop at homes that have been around for a while, disorders might pop up at all types of properties, from older to relatively new and from basic houses to high-end estates.

This house is looking at some serious ailments

Symptoms to Watch Out for At Your House:

• Substantial cracks in a concrete foundation or basement floor

• Windows or doors stick to their frames when you close or open them

• Rain water gets in your crawlspace or basement

• Gaps around exterior doors or a garage door and frame

• Uneven or sloping interior floors

• Up and down cracks in sheet rock between the door frame and the ceiling

• Noticeable separations between exterior walls or the chimney and a wall

• Collections of water around your house after a rain

• Gaps between a wall and the ceiling or a wall and the floor

• Basement has that musty smell

• Cracking interior or exterior brick walls or their mortar

• Separating interior molding, primarily door or crown molding

• Floors are weak, warped or pitched

• Cracking solid surface exterior or interior walls

This Looks Like a Hard Problem to Correct – Is It?

Homeowners in suburbs such as Upper Arlington sometimes have a tendency to imagine their property problems will be close to impossible to solve, but, in fact, the majority of faults can be corrected.

Complicated projects will need a highly skilled contractor and work crew.

They also require the correct equipment.

They’ve got the knowledge and tools to get your job done right.

Columbus Basement Waterproofing

If you get water inside your basement following a heavy rain, they can develop a strategy to prevent it from happening again.

Nobody needs a wet basement.

In order to waterproof your home, they might work in your basement, concentrate only on the ground and landscape close to your residence, or maybe work on a mix of the two.

Oftentimes, simply regrading the property, replacing gutters and investing in an outside drain pipe can take care of the problem without needing to deal with the actual basement walls at all.

Columbus Concrete Mudjacking Services

Homeowners sometimes see a section of their cement walkway, courtyard, garage or porch has sunken somewhat through the years.

If this has occurred at your home, they can normally take care of it using a system called mud jacking or slabjacking.

As a way to lift your slab back to the level where it previously was, they force a thick liquid filler solution beneath your sunken slab.

This thick material fills in the unfilled spots, hardens and drives your concrete up to the proper level.

Cement slab lifting is the preferred solution to fix your sunken porch or walkway.

Why Do These Issues Happen?

Well, around and beneath your home, the ground can move a bit on occasions.

Moisture content, high or low temperatures and a few additional small factors can cause the earth to contract or spread out.

Don't allow your property to get like thisThis action, although it may be small, can affect whatever is on top of it, from a building to a driveway or other solid object.

While you can’t control the Midwest weather, having your house built on a yard which has awful drainage or insufficient lot grading or your house doesn’t have good rain gutters can be critical factors in whether or not you develop a difficult structure circumstance at your house.

The unique physical composition of the soil and dirt on your lot is an important factor.

Some specific kinds of soil retain more moisture than others will, so they might swell and then contract more than others.

Fortunately, in much of Ohio, the soil here is classified as being only mildly absorbent.

This means our dirt won’t contract and swell as much as some of the other soil types around the USA.

Yet another possible origin of concerns can be a substantial tree too close to your property.

A big tree can lead to problems when its roots spread out below the house and puts demands on water and sewer pipes and the slab your structure rests on.

Over time, environmental pressures acting against your house’s foundation might lead to slight cracks.

Sometimes minor cracks remain small; sometimes they grow bigger.

And bigger cracks let in humidity and tiny bugs.

And moisture down in your basement is never a good thing.

Is It Okay To Not Do an Inspection?

Look, if you’ve got some issue with your home that is concerning you, just call a local contractor to at least have a look at it.

Then you will know what you are facing.

It could be that you don’t even have a big problem and you don’t need to have it fixed.

You may have been worrying for no reason.

You are better off having it checked out and at least knowing exactly what your situation is.

A homeowner shouldn’t try to disregard the matter and only hope it goes away.

These problems won’t go away.

Foundation crack repair is something you should overcome sooner and not later.

Bear in mind, your basement foundation literally is holding up your whole house.

The walls count on it.

If you don’t fix it you could find yourself in a serious case later.

Anytime a basement is allowing water drip into it, the subsequent complications can range from a damp smell to mold growth.

And each year the situation will get worse.

If you are considering selling your house without rectifying the problem, there are just a few house buyers who want to bid on a property which has any structural predicament or indicators of earlier moisture seepage down in the basement.

And since you realize your house has a serious issue, you are obliged to tell the buyer of what it is.

You do not want the buyer coming back after you once the sales transaction is over.

A house owner frequently believes his or her structure trouble is really bad and extremely difficult and really costly to do, however, in most situations, an experienced contractor can have the situation addressed.

Many times the work process might get pretty complicated, but it can be completed.

A Local Contractor

It’s best to call one of the good area organizations that have been busy working in this area for some time. You will certainly like having a pleasant house like this one again

These friendly contractors and work teams have developed the practical knowledge to manage detailed foundation inspections and successfully get rid of your unfortunate situation.

What Suburbs Do They Work In?

The typical service area includes the whole basic metro area including downtown, Harrison West, OSU University District, SoHud, North Linden, South Linden, Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff, German Village, Franklinton, Brewery District, Merrion Village and Upper Arlington.

Service extends to the suburbs as well – East Suburbs, West Suburbs, North Suburbs and South Suburbs.

Taking On Projects Here:

  • Downtown
  • Harrison West
  • OSU University District
  • SoHud
  • North Linden
  • South Linden
  • Upper Arlington
  • Grandview Heights
  • West Campus
  • Marble Cliff
  • German Village
  • Franklinton
  • Brewery District
  • Merrion Village
  • Each of the outer suburbs as well

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