DIY Waterproofing

Got a little water getting into your basement once in a while? If you regularly get water coming into your basement, you might need a professional foundation repair or waterproofing company to correct the situation. But if you have just a little water seeping into your basement after a heavy rain or after a rain […]

Concrete Leveling

Mudjacking is a term used to describe the procedure of raising a sunken concrete slab by forcefully injecting a thick grout mixture underneath it until the slab rises up back to its original position. Different contractors use different terms for this procedure. Some call it Mud Jacking, others call it Slab Jacking or Slabjacking. No […]

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in a foundation wall or floor should usually be fixed. They can let in moisture, humidity, bugs, and, if left untreated, may become bigger as time goes on. Before a crack is repaired, however, you should try to determine what caused it and if it is a symptom of a larger problem. Minor cracks […]

House Leveling

Leveling a house is one of the bigger projects that foundation repair contractors take on. Leveling a home that has slowly fallen out of perfect alignment is a job best left to an experienced contractor and work crew. They have the equipment and background to carefully put your home back to where it was originally, […]

Basement Waterproofing

Stopping water from getting into your basement is a priority for any homeowner. Water or high humidity can make a basement an unpleasant area to spend a lot of time in. Water exposure over time can also result in some pretty serious issues to the air quality or physical structure of a home as well. […]

Home Foundation Repairs

A house foundation repair can run the gamut from a rather small situation such as raising a concrete sidewalk or completing some crack repair and landscape grading near the perimeter of a home, all the way to a major house leveling project or adding a full basement to an existing home that doesn’t have a […]

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