DIY Waterproofing

Got a little water getting into your basement once in a while? If you regularly get water coming into your basement, you might need a professional foundation repair or waterproofing company to correct the situation. But if you have just a little water seeping into your basement after a heavy rain or after a rain […]

House Leveling

Leveling a house is one of the bigger projects that foundation repair contractors take on. Leveling a home that has slowly fallen out of perfect alignment is a job best left to an experienced contractor and work crew. They have the equipment and background to carefully put your home back to where it was originally, […]

Home Foundation Repairs

A house foundation repair can run the gamut from a rather small situation such as raising a concrete sidewalk or completing some crack repair and landscape grading near the perimeter of a home, all the way to a major house leveling project or adding a full basement to an existing home that doesn’t have a […]

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