Concrete or Foundation Problems in Huntington Beach?

Find smart and budget-friendly strategies to building structure, soaked basements or sunken cement slab problems.

If you are concerned your house is looking at one of these challenges, set aside a few minutes for a fast call today to talk about it.

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But I’m Not Sure I Have a Real Problem

Sometimes it is rather obvious when you have a problem.

Other times, the warning signs aren’t so easy to see.

And these troubles can occur at any type of house, from a new home to an older one.

The owner of this older house could use a a visit from a structural contractor

Signs To Stay On the Watch For:

• Cracking in an exterior or interior brick wall or mortar
• New spaces surrounding doors, especially exterior doors and garage doors
• Vertical cracking in sheet rock, commonly between a door frame and the ceiling
• Bent or sloping floors
• A significant crack in a cement floor or foundation
• Windows or doors stick to the frames when you try and open them
• Spaces where a wall and ceiling come together, or where a wall and floor meet
• Gaps or any separation between exterior walls or a wall and chimney
• A wet crawlspace or collection of water near your house after a rain
• Water under your house
• Separated or cracking wood molding, typically crown or door molding
• Cracks in a solid surface exterior or interior wall
• The basement appears damp and has that musty smell
• Floors have become uneven, sagging or weak, or tiles have become loose.

Can These Issues Be Repaired?

Homeowners frequently presume their house issue is likely to be nearly impossible to fix, but, actually, almost all issues can be corrected.

However, these kinds of house repairs require trained and experienced foundation repair companies and teams, utilizing special tools, to modify and correct a settling home foundation, perform a house leveling or successfully complete another serious structure issue.

Waterproofing Crawlspaces

If your slab or basement keeps getting wet from time to time, they will figure out why it’s happening and how to stop it.

Your basement waterproofing strategy may not even entail any work inside the structure itself, but instead focus just on the ground and landscape areas around the home.

They will come up with a way to resolve your situation.

Huntington Beach Concrete Slab Lifting and Repairs

If you have a part of your cement courtyard, walkway or driveway which has sunken over time, they can normally get that corrected.

The work procedure used is referred to as either slab jacking or mud jacking.

(Wet concrete is sometimes referred to as “mud” in our business.)

During the mud jacking process, your work crew will shoot a mud material beneath the portion of the slab that has to be raised up.

This heavy mixture flows into the gaps beneath the slab, stiffens and then drives the slab up. Pretty cool.

Aside from seeking a better appearance, the key reason homeowners decide on mudjacking is the fact that walking on two adjoining mismatched cement segments might lead to trips, stumbles, accidents and stubbed toes. Almost all projects are completed in only a few hours.

What Leads This to Happen to Southern California Homes?

Well, it’s basically just the physical properties of the ground and soil.

The soil beneath your structure changes and moves around. It expands and contracts with exposure to rain water and temperature changes.

Building shows a condition of structure difficultiesThese actions are super slow and negligible, however they can be ongoing.

This continual expanding and contraction of the ground is straining for even the latest homes.

The main factor to keeping a home structure solid is to keep excessive water from around and beneath the house.

First, a home which is built on a perfectly graded yard will experience rainwater flow away from the structure and not toward it.

Plus a house reinforced by sensible rain gutters and maybe an additional water drainage strategy such as a French drain system, will also be in a better situation to not have unwanted water under and around your structure.

One major factor in determining possible structure issues is the makeup of the ground the house is situated on.

There are specific types of soil which capture more moisture than other soils do.

A different source of property issues is having a major tree growing next to your house.

This may lead to issues if the roots expand below the house and apply pressure on sewer and water pipes and maybe your structure.

The expansive roots of a significant tree too near your home can also take too much moisture out of the soil beneath your structure, making it too dried up during our Summer dry season.

These elements promote the beginning of modest cracks through the years in solid surfaces such as cement.

Very little cracks bring in air and moisture and might grow into big cracks.

And just one sizable crack can produce trouble.

Can I Wait Before I Do Something About It?

If you believe you’ve got a problem with your property, you need to get it looked at and repaired if necessary.

The inspection isn’t something you should put off for long.

Cement problems will not get better with time.

In fact, they usually get worse.

You might be willing to put off having the corrective work started, yet it might be in your best interest to fix it head-on without delay.

If moisture penetrates a slab or basement, it can lead to problems such as humidity and mold. And the amount of outside moisture leaking in will often growth each year.

If you’re looking into trying to sell your home, there isn’t any home buyer who wants to buy a house which has any kind of structure trouble or has any signals of water seepage under your house.

And, if you are trying to sell a home, you need to let any serious buyer about any large issues with your property or you could be in legal difficulty later on.

In spite of how awful your situation may appear, nearly all cases can usually be repaired.

Some projects are harder than others and some might include a long and complicated process, but they can get done.

So try not to get worried until you have your home looked at by a specialist.

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Slab Mud Jacking
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