Foundation, Concrete or Water Problems Got You Down in Sunset Beach?

They supply practical and affordable approaches to several commonplace building structure, concrete slab or damp crawlspace situations north of Huntington Beach.

If you know or suspect you have a problem in one of these parts at your home, call and talk it over.

You can summarize your scenario over the phone, and maybe they will plan a time to swing by your residence and take a good look.

Does My Home Have a Problem?

When it comes to noticing house structure problems, in some instances the property owner is aware right away that something is wrong.

That’s because, in some instances, the signs are really clear.

Other times the signals are difficult to see.

These issues can arise in all kinds of houses, no matter what kind of age or design they are.

Drawing of a house that is in terrible shape

Symptoms You Might Have

• Flooring has become uneven, bouncy or pitched
• There are puddles of water near your house after it rains
• Your basement is humid, damp or smells musty
• Separated wood moldings, often door or crown molding
• Rain water gets in your basement
• Cracks in interior or exterior walls, bricks or mortar
• Gaps around a doorway, often an exterior or garage door
• Windows or doors are sticking to their frames when you open or close them
• Vertical cracks in sheet rock, generally up between a door frame and the ceiling
• Separations between exterior walls or walls and chimney
• Substantial cracks in your concrete floor or foundation
• Spaces between your wall and floor or wall and ceiling

Worried The Repair Will Be Expensive?

Property owners frequently view their house and assume their issue is so big, it is going to wind up being an expensive and extremely challenging project to get accomplished.

But most of these types of problems can be solved.

But these home fixes require trained and experienced structure repair companies and crews, working with expert tools, to modify and fix a settling home structure, conduct a home leveling or other significant structure issue.

Crawlspace Waterproofing Help

If your crawlspace gets water in it after a hefty rain, they’ll stop it. they will determine why water is leaking in and figure out how to stop it.

No homeowner needs to put up with water under their house.

To get your crawlspace dry, they sometimes may have to work on the interior of the basement. Lots of the time they are able to get the project finished by working just on the outside of the house.

They might be able to prevent water from seeping into your house by just changing the grading of the lot, putting up rain gutters, investing in a french drain or other system.

They may not have to work directly on the basement walls at all.

Sunset Beach Concrete Lifting Service

If a part of your cement sidewalk or patio has sunk a little down in the ground, they can handle that too.

The procedure they employ to fix it is called mud jacking (some people refer to it as slab jacking).

Slab jacking is a unique strategy.

The procedure includes injecting a heavy mud-like compound under the section of concrete which has gotten too low.

The mud mixture flows in all of the holes under the concrete and then slowly forces the slab up to the height it previously was at.

As soon as all your sidewalk, porch and driveway slabs are all at the same level again, they are going to look much better.

And no one will be tripping and stumbling on them either.

Why Is This Happening to My Sunset Beach Home?

While you can’t see it happen, our ground moves a small amount over the years.

The ground expands and contracts.

This happens largely due to exposure to water and temperature.

Drawing of a small house which is suffering from a sinking foundationAnd even if this activity is tiny and slow, these contractions and expansion can put pressure on whatever building is in or on top of the earth.

And over time, this repeated stress can affect the strength of even a very solid home.

Even though you cannot affect the weather conditions or the physical properties of our soil here in Southern California, building a home that sits on a lot with poor drainage or improper grading could become leading factors in whether or not your house develops a bad situation.

Also, just having proper rain gutters can help keep unwanted water from building up around your home.

It is a pretty simple step that will have a large impact.

The natural composition of the ground your house was built on can be a primary point as well.

Some kinds of soil will swell or contract more than other soils when subjected to moisture.

An additional origin of structure issues is having a giant tree too close to your home.

This tree can create problems if those roots spread out under the residence and put demands on your structure, or interfere with water pipes.

The roots from a giant tree that is right next to your home can draw considerable amounts of moisture out of the dirt below your home, turning the soil too dry during our Summertime dry season.

Environment and repeated forces may cause very small cracks in your house’s basement.

These minor cracks invite in moisture and air, and some of those tiny cracks grow into big cracks, and some of these big cracks become major problem splits.

Is It Okay To Wait on an Inspection?

When you have an issue with your house, you should get it inspected quickly and then repaired if that is what is necessary.

The inspection, at the very least, isn’t something you should put off.

Cement problems won’t get better over time.

They usually become worse.

You may be in a position to delay having the repair work started, but it might be to your advantage to deal with it head-on soon.

Whenever moisture works its way under a house, it might lead to predicaments over the years as mildew and mold.

These issues will not become any better over time.

If you’re thinking about not actually repairing your house and then just selling it fast, property buyers normally do not want to place a bid on a property which displays any evidence of water in the basement or any kind of foundation worries.

As a real estate seller, it is important to reveal to the purchaser all major issues with your property or you may be in trouble later on.

So you shouldn’t just try to ignore your structure problem and leave it for the next owner.

If you’re noticing some worrying problems at your home, you shouldn’t be fearful that the circumstance is too complicated or expensive to be fixed.

Seasoned contractors can correct nearly every challenge.

Set Up an Inspection

Contractors have been fixing homes for a long time. House Improvements are All Finished

These dependable contractors and crews have the tools and experience to conduct detailed structure inspections and correctly eliminate your issue.

Which Neighborhoods Do They Work In?

The typical service area primarily is Huntington Beach north to Sunset Beach, including the areas of Marina High School, Golden West College, Goldenwest, Washington Bella Terra, Seal Beach Refuge, North HB, Surfside and Ocean View High School.

If your CA home sits in an area that they can’t service for some reason, they’ll quickly tell you when you call.

Jobs They Do:

Repairing Concrete Cracks
Home Foundation Inspections
Entire House Leveling
Affordable Crawlspace Waterproofing
Concrete Slab Jacking



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Service is offered at homes and business properties including the neighborhoods near the areas of Marina High School, Golden West College, Goldenwest, Washington Bella Terra, Seal Beach Refuge, North HB, Surfside and Ocean View High School.

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