West Columbus Foundation Problem? Concrete Problem? Wet Basement?

These pros work to service cement cracks, dropping concrete slabs, building structure situations and wet or damp basements.

If you suspect your house may have issues in one of these things, you should phone and talk about it.

They may get to offer a bit of advice while they have you on the phone, but a good in-person evaluation is always the best strategy.

Your contractor will organize a meeting to drive out and check out your property and provide a strategy on the ideal path forward to getting the matter repaired.

Do I Need a Professional Inspection?

Many times an Ohio homeowner has no problem noticing their house has a structure predicament.

In some instances, the evidence is just really obvious.

In other situations, the homeowner does not have any idea they have a problem.

The signals are too subtle.

And new houses aren’t immune from these issues either. They can appear no matter what kind of construction you have or no matter how old your property is.

Drawing of a single-family house that is in terrible structural condition

Here Are Some Issues To Look For

• Major crack in a concrete foundation or basement floor

• Windows or doors stick to their frames when you open or close them

• Water gets in your crawlspace or basement

• Gaps around exterior doors or garage doors

• Uneven or sloping interior floors

• Up and down cracks in drywall between the door frame and the ceiling

• Visible separations between exterior walls or the chimney and a wall

• Spaces between a wall and the ceiling

• Gaps between a wall and the floor

• Basement is damp, humid or has a musty smell

• Cracking interior or exterior brick walls or mortar

• Separated interior molding, usually door or crown molding

• Floors are weak, warped or uneven

• Cracking solid surface interior or exterior walls

Can a Structural Problem Even Be Repaired?

Almost every foundation problem can get repaired.

A number of the jobs are somewhat easy, some of the jobs are quite hard.

A good company can take on this kind of job, but just when they’ve got a professional lead contractor, fine team and the most dependable tools and gear.

It’s a hard project, but it can be done.

And once it’s completed, your house will be straight and true again.

Basement Waterproofing Company in Western Columbus

If your basement keeps getting wet, they will figure out the reasons why it is happening and the way to stop it.

They might create a practical waterproofing plan that will fix your moisture issue without having to work inside your basement at all. It is possible they could remedy the problem through working outside your house on the rain gutters, landscape and grounds around your house.

Sunken Concrete Slab Lifting in Hilliard or Hilltop

Another service is cement slab elevating.

Some folks call this service mudjacking or slabjacking.

If you notice a portion of your concrete patio, porch or sidewalk which has sunken down into the ground so it is no longer the same height as the other sections, they will lift it back up again.

During the mud jacking operation, a technician forces a heavy, mud-like material underneath the portion of your concrete slab that requires lifting.

This thick substance grows, stiffens and presses the low slab up. Kinda cool.

Concrete slab elevating may improve the overall appearance of sunken pathway segments.

It should also help prevent trips and falls.

Why Is This Happening to My House?

The soil under and around your house and driveway steadily moves slightly. It can compress or expand slightly because of moisture content and changes in temperature.

Illustration of a home with deep settling concernsThis movement will set stress on whatever building is on top of it. Most houses are equipped for a little of this action, but excessive movement, too frequently, can stress even a well-built house.

We may not be able to manage the weather or the composition of the soil here in Ohio, but there are some factors you can control.

To begin with, your property needs to be graded so that it shifts rain water away from your home.

Second, you will need a respectable gutter system for preventing the rain that lands on your house from collecting around it.

One significant factor that a property owner can not alter is the natural physical makeup of the soil their home is located on.

The makeup of soil and ground in different parts of the country may differ a good deal.

Some soil varieties are more absorbent than other varieties.

The more absorbent the soil, the more moisture it holds and the more it will swell up when it gets wet.

Large expansion isn’t good.

Luckily, most of our area soil is not very absorbent.

One other item that may be a factor is the presence of a major tree which is too close to your home.

During a long hot and dry spell, a big tree’s roots may draw all the extra moisture from the soil near it.

And dense roots can also exert pressure on a building’s structure too.

These types of external stress might give rise to minor cracks in your home’s structure.

These modest cracks allow in humidness and little bugs, and these smaller cracks can grow bigger as time goes on.

Can’t I Just Do This Some Other Time?

Look, when you have some trouble with your house that is concerning you, find a specialist to at least evaluate it.

At the very least you will know what your situation is.

It may be that you don’t actually have a major problem and you don’t really need to have it fixed.

Maybe you are worrying for no reason.

But you are better off getting it looked at and at least knowing exactly what your issue is.

It’s natural to hope that your obstacle just fades away, but concrete cracks and faults will not correct themselves. They will not heal over time.

It’s always wise to deal with the condition now instead of later.

And if you do get water in your basement, the mixture of moisture and time might lead to mold growth.

And getting mold thriving in your house could be a real mess.

Thinking you might try to list and sell your house rather than doing any repairs isn’t the top strategy either.

Few property buyers are interested at all in a house that has any sign of water in the basement or visible foundation problem.

And, if you’re trying to sell your house, a seller is required to divulge details about any known substantive problems with the house or the seller could be in trouble later.

A homeowner quite often is certain his or her problem is going to be nearly impossible and really costly to deal with, however, most of the time, a professional West Side contractor can get the condition addressed.

Sometimes the procedure might seem very challenging, but it can get accomplished.

There Are Choices

They’re one of the few local organizations that have been employed in this area for a long time. You will breath easier knowing you have a safe place again

These western area contractors and crews have the experience for doing detailed structure inspections and also systematically eliminate your situation.

Suburbs Where Jobs Get Done

The usual work area includes the whole western metro area including Hilliard, Homestead Park, Hilltop, Westgate, South Hilltop, North Hilltop, Lincoln Village, Westland and Galloway.

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