West Covina Crawlspace Wet? Cracking Concrete? Foundation Issues?

Find a good company to deliver practical approaches to house structure, wet basement and sinking concrete slab problems in properties east of Pasadena.

If you think your house could have a problem in one of these areas, you should call and discuss it.

During a call, they’ll discuss your situation, possibly give you a little advice and then put together an appointment to come out and take a look at your property.

After the evaluation, they will be able to show you a plan about how to get it corrected.

I’m Not Really Sure What The Problem Is

Sometimes homeowners have no problem recognizing they have a structure problem. In some cases it is plain and simple.

In other cases, the signals are not easy to notice.

But in a number of the situations, the conditions are somewhere in the center of the two.

The homeowner sees an unusual crack, or a wall looks a little bowed or a section of the floor feels to slope a little. But there’s not adequate visual indicators for the homeowner to come up with a judgment.

That’s where the skills of a trained foundation inspector comes in handy.

A property examiner will not award this place a good score

Clues You May Have a Foundation Situation

• Gaps around any interior door and exterior door
• Interior or exterior brick walls or mortar have cracks
• Considerable cracks in a concrete foundation or basement cement floor
• Cracks running up and down in sheet rock, even if they’re not that long
• Uneven or spongy interior floors
• Gaps between exterior walls or a wall and chimney
• Windows or doors are opening and closing hard and sticking to their frames
• Cracks in any exterior walls
• Rain water gets into your basement more often than once
• A soggy crawlspace or puddles of water near your house after rains
• Separation or cracks in interior wood molding
• Gaps between walls and the ceiling or the walls and the floor
• Your basement always seems humid or damp

This Sounds Like a Really Big Job

Homeowners in some cases believe their property faults are going to be extremely hard to fix, but, in fact, most can be corrected.

But these types of property improvements do require seasoned foundation repair contractors and experienced crews, working with the right equipment, to carry out a good home leveling, stabilize a sunken home foundation, or effectively undertake any other serious structure assignment.

Crawlspace Waterproofing

If you are getting water in your basement every once in a while, they can figure out why it is happening and figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

Your East Pasadena waterproofing solution may not even entail any work inside the basement itself, but instead focus just on the grounds and landscape areas around the home.

They can come up with a plan to correct the problem.

West Covina Concrete Slab Jacking Service

When a patch of your cement pathway, patio or porch has sunk below where it was previously, they can handle that too.

They make use of a system called mud jacking (otherwise known as slabjacking).

To lift up your slab, they press a mud-like liquid beneath the part of your sunken slab.

This mud expands, hardens and pushes your concrete up to the proper height.

After your concrete slabs are all the same height, your pathway, porch or driveway will look a lot better and people won’t be stumbling and tripping on the uneven joints any longer.

Why Do These Issues Happen?

Even if you can’t see it happening, the ground shifts a little bit over time. It expands and contracts.

This occurs mainly due to exposure to moisture and changing temperatures. Drawing of a house which has a sinking foundation

And even if this activity is small and slow, these constrictions and expansions can place pressure on whatever structure is in or on top of the ground.

Over time, this repeated stress could affect the integrity of even a well-built structure.

Even while you can’t control the climate where you live, having your home sitting on a lot that has inadequate water drainage or poor grading or your home does not have sound rain gutters might be major elements in whether or not you develop a tough situation.

One leading factor that a property owner can’t adjust is the physical makeup of the dirt their home sits on.

Different soils have different qualities.

Some types of soils are more moisture resistant than other types are. The more absorbent the dirt, the bigger volume of moisture it catches and then the more it can expand when it gets exposed to water. That isn’t very good.

These problem soils exist in quite a few California communities.

Even having a substantial tree that is right next to your home can create trouble.

A large tree’s roots can grow underneath a house, generate pressure against the concrete structure and take water out of the soil, drying it out too much during hot summer weeks.

Such external stress can bring about smaller sized cracks in your home’s foundation.

These small cracks permit in humidity and tiny insects, and those small cracks may get larger as time passes.

Do I Need to Get My Place Inspected?

If you feel you might have a situation at your house, you should at least call to get it checked. It isn’t something you should put off for long.

After you get it looked at, you’ll at least know what you are working with.

It’s normal to hope that your issue simply goes away, but a cement crack or basement foundation fault certainly won’t fix itself.

It won’t just improve all by itself. It’s always safer to address the matter now as opposed to later.

Water which leaks into a basement will create problems in time like mildew and mold. Mold isn’t good.

And it won’t ever improve on its own. It only gets worse.

If you’re giving thought to not actually repairing your home and then just trying to sell it fast, buyers usually don’t want to make a down payment on a property that shows any hint of water being in the basement or any type of structural challenge.

And, if you are trying to sell your property, you should let any serious buyer know about any substantial physical issues with your home or you might get involved in trouble after the sale is completed.

If you are seeing some worrying signs or symptoms at your house, you shouldn’t be anxious that the situation is too complicated or costly to get fixed.

Seasoned contractors and companies can correct almost any problem.

Call For Assistance

When the time comes for choosing a West Covina contractor to get your house worked on, there are a few safe options. Illustration of a residence that is looking good again

These seasoned project crews will check out your place, design a plan and then work on the adjustments as promised.

They can put your property back into tip-top shape.

Usual Service Area

They operate from Eastern Pasadena to the Covina area. Some of the areas they work in include Valina, Avocado Heights, West Puente Valley, City of Industry, South San Jose Hills, Walnut, Covina, Charter Oak and homes in the 91790, 91722, 91706, 91744, 91789, 91792, 91791 and 91723 zip code areas.

Why not call and set up a time to meet. If your home sits in a remote area that is too far out, they will let you know.

Services They Do:

Make a House Level
General Foundation Fixes
Concrete Slab Jacking
Filling Up Concrete Cracks
Sealing Basements



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