Thousand Oaks Foundation Problems? Concrete Problems?

Find the right company to mend sinking concrete slabs, building structure issues, concrete cracks and wet basements to building owners in areas of Ventura County.

In case you have a concern with one of these areas at your house, perhaps you aren’t certain how bad your issue is, you might make a quick phone call and you can discuss it.

They can possibly offer some solid advice on the phone, and they can arrange a time to come by and investigate your place.

Not Sure If You Have an Issue or Not?

Quite often, it’s evident to a SoCal homeowner they’ve got a structure problem.

In certain situations, the evidence is really clear and easy to discover; Other times the property owner just isn’t certain they have a problem.

And these kind of problems can show up in any type of construction, from older to newer houses.

This single family house is looking at some serious concerns

Symptoms of a Foundation Problem?

• Water in your crawlspace or basement
• Separating or cracked interior molding (usually door or crown molding)
• Cracks around exterior doors or the garage door and its frame
• Floors are uneven, bouncy or beginning to warp
• Windows or doors which stick to their frames
• Splits in any solid surface wall, brick wall or mortar
• Pitched or sloped floors
• Vertical cracks in the sheet rock between a door frame and the ceiling
• Separation between two exterior walls or a wall and the chimney
• Big cracks in a cement basement floor or concrete foundation
• New spaces between a wall and ceiling or your wall and floor
• Your basement always smells musty or appears damp and humid
• Collections of rain water close to your home after rains

Aren’t Structure Issues Hard to Correct?

A homeowner may think that some foundation issues might be almost impossible to remedy, but, in fact, almost all can get solved by a professional contractor.

Of course, these types of building repairs require a trained foundation repair contractor and crew, working with the right equipment, to take care of a settling home foundation, complete a house leveling or other substantial structural situation.

Waterproofing Basements

If you are finding dampness or water in your basement once in a while, they will learn why it is happening and come up with an approach on how to prevent it from happening any more.

Ythese waterproofing plan might not even take any work inside the basement itself, but rather focus just on the grounds and landscape areas around the house. They can find a strategy to fix the problem.

Thousand Oaks Slab Lifting Service

Homeowners sometimes see a section of their concrete sidewalk, courtyard, garage floor or driveway has sunken slightly through the years. If this has occurred at your place, they can usually take care of it using a system called mud jacking or slab jacking.

Mud jacking is how they slowly inject a mud-like material beneath a sunken concrete slab. As soon as this thick substance builds up under the slab, it solidifies and drives the slab up to the level you want it to be.

Your pathway, patio or driveway can look better after each of the pieces are the same height, and nobody is going to be tripping on them any longer either.

Why Do These Issues Happen?

Well, it’s just the natural science of the soil. The ground underneath your house sometimes adjusts, shifts and moves. You won’t notice it happen, but it happens.

The dirt contracts and expands depending on repeated contact with moisture and changes in temperature. Big league illustration of a house settling

This infrequent expansion and contraction of the ground can position stress on any kind of building, even a well-built home.

Most building owners will never have a real foundation or water concern, but a few will. There are some things a property owner can do in order to help prevent problems from coming up.

To start with, they can be sure the lot their house is situated on is correctly graded and transfers water away from their house. They can also make sure they have installed proper rain gutters that will take the rain that hits the top of their house and moves it away from the house.

Another considerable aspect in determining future foundation difficulties is the composition of the soil the home rests on. Certain kinds of soil capture more moisture than other soils do. The types of soil vary greatly around California. Some areas are prone to highly absorbent clay soils; other areas are not.

It doesn’t happen too often, but just having a big tree up close to your residence might become a contributing element. The roots of a large tree can grow well under a home and extract moisture from under that building during dry and hot summer months. This may make that soil too dry. And when it is too dry, it contracts and shrinks.

Natural environmental pressure may help result in slight cracks starting in your home’s structure. These very small cracks allow in moisture and other stuff. And those small breaks might get bigger as time goes on.

Can’t I Just Put it Off?

If you’re certain you’ve got some kind of issues with your property, you ought to get it looked over. An inspection is not something a homeowner should put off.

You can’t merely not think about it and hope that it disappears. Because it won’t. Foundation crack repair is a problem you should work on it sooner instead of later.

Remember, your foundation actually lifts up your entire house. The roof, floors and walls depend on it. If you forget to look after it you could land in a real situation later.

When you routinely see dampness down in your basement, the mixture of water and time might lead to a mold problem. And having a case of mold in your house could be serious difficulties.

If you are serious about trying to sell your house, remember, no buyer likes to put money down on a home with a suspected structural worry or has indications of water getting into the basement in the past.

Plus, it’s your responsibility to tell serious house buyers of the important disorders with your house before they purchase it. So it doesn’t make sense not to get your issue corrected first.

They can come up with a strategy to correct your structure problem.

Try not to worry. Usually many predicaments that look to a homeowner to be too difficult to repair can generally get fixed. Granted, it might involve a complicated and often difficult process, but they can get done.

Why Call Now?

They are a company that’s been doing work in this home repair niche for quite a while. Contractor Has Finalized All of the Repairs

These lead contractors have the expertise needed to do detailed structure examinations and completely remedy your issue.

Where in SoCal Do They Work?

The operating area primarily includes Ventura County, and more specifically, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Westlake Village and the zip codes of 91360, 91362, 91320, 91361 and 91377. If your CA house sits in an area they can’t service, they’ll quickly tell you when you call.

Services They Perform:

Concrete Slab Raising
Building Foundation Corrections
Basement Wall Sealing
Concrete Crack Filling
Leveling a Building



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