Signal Hill Foundation or Concrete Problem? Wet Crawlspace?

They try to repair settling concrete slabs, building structure problems, concrete cracks and damp basements for building owners in the Long Beach area.

In case you are having a problem with one of these areas, it’s best to call and discuss it.

They may be ready to offer you some help on the phone.

Or they will set up a time to come out and look over your house and suggest some suggestions on how to quickly get your matter corrected.

Is It a Problem or Not?

In some cases, the homeowner can see they are facing a structure problem.

In some cases, the information is clear and noticeable.

In many instances, the indications are more difficult to spot.

And these concerns can show up with any type or design of building construction.

Sketch of a residence with structure repair challenges

Common Signs Your Home Has a Problem:

• Major cracks in a cement foundation or basement floor
• Doors or windows stick to their frames when you open or close them
• Rain water gets in your crawlspace or basement
• Gaps around exterior doors or garage doors
• Uneven or sloping interior floors
• Up and down cracks in sheet rock between a door frame and ceiling
• Visible separations between exterior walls or the chimney and wall
• Collections of water near your home after a rain
• Gaps between a wall and the ceiling
• Spaces between a wall and the floor
• Basement is damp, humid or has a musty smell
• Cracking interior or exterior brick walls or mortar
• Separated interior molding, usually door or crown molding
• Floors are weak, warped or sloping
• Cracking solid surface exterior or interior walls

This Problem Looks Serious – Can it Be Repaired?

Homeowners sometimes evaluate their house and assume their problem is so big, it’s going to turn out to be an expensive and super challenging job to get accomplished.

But most of these troubles can get solved.

However, these house fixes take trained and experienced foundation repair contractors and teams, working with expert equipment, to adjust and fix a sinking house structure, conduct a home leveling or other critical structural issue.

Waterproofing Company in Signal Hill

If your basement gets water in it after a heavy rain, they will put a stop to it.

They will learn why water is getting in and how to stop it. No homeowner needs to put up with dampness.

The plan to waterproof your slab or crawlspace might not call for serious work to the structure itself, but rather just the soil and landscape around the house.

They will come up with a plan to correct the problem.

Signal Hill Concrete Slab Lifting

If a part of your cement front walk, patio or driveway has sunken, they can make that better too.

The operation is called mudjacking (also known as slab jacking).

During the mudjacking procedure, they shoot a thick, dense substance below the portion of the cement slab that needs lifting.

This thick substance expands, solidifies and squeezes the concrete slab up. Kinda cool.

When it’s completed, your pathway, veranda or driveway will look a whole lot better after all the sections are back to the exact same height, and nobody will be tripping on them any more either.

Are There Explanations Why This Happens?

Well, it’s simply how our ground works.

The ground which lies beneath your property routinely changes, shifts and moves a little.

It expands and tightens depending on exposure to water and temperature. Illustration of a dwelling losing it

This regular expanding and contracting of the soil places tremendous stress on even a well-constructed house.

While you can’t control our weather or the physical qualities of soil, there are some things you can do.

Two handy measures to take include ensuring that the lot where your home sits is properly graded and it has a suitable drainage plan and you have installed a decent gutter system to move that rain water away from your home.

Another issue that affects these problems is the composition of the soil underneath the home.

Various kinds of soils vary in the amount of water they retain.

Some kinds of soil will retain more water (and swells and contracts) more than other types do.

Just a really big tree that is too close to your house might be a element.

A big tree’s roots can stretch well below a house and draw out all the moisture from under the residence during our hot and dry summer months.

This can turn the soil too dry and make it contract.

Over time, a property might gradually generate a small crack or two.

And a very small crack can lead to a larger split.

A serious crack will let in moisture and air and it only becomes worse after that.

The Best Advice is Don’t Wait Too Long

If you or someone else has a feeling that you might have a problem with your home, make an appointment to have it checked out.

Then you’ll learn whether or not your property has a problem and if it has to be corrected right now or not.

The inspection itself is not something you should postpone.

A homeowner shouldn’t merely ignore the matter and hope that it magically goes away.

These problems won’t go away.

Basement foundation crack repair is something a homeowner should do something about soon as opposed to later.

Remember, your basement structure physically holds up the whole house.

The roof, floors and walls all count on it.

If you don’t care for it you may be in a worse status years from now.

Water gradually leaking into a basement could cause problems including mold.

And those kind of conditions will just get worse over time.

And if you are planning to list and sell your home, remember nobody wants to buy a home that has a foundation issue or has tell-tale indications of past water damage.

As a real estate seller, you have to disclose to the prospective buyer all major problems with your property or you might be in civil difficulties later.

It may be somewhat worrisome.

But they can develop a strategy to repair the situation.

Try to not worry.

Circumstances which look to the homeowner as being too hard to repair can nearly always end up being repaired.

Naturally, the work might involve a pretty challenging and sometimes hard operation, nonetheless it can get done.

Get Your House Fixed

With regards to choosing which contractor to call, you have a couple of choices. Things are Back to New Shape

These trained and tested contractors and work crews have the needed training and knowledge to do foundation inspections in Signal Hill or Wrigley and you will be satisfied with the results.

Where in Long Beach Do They Work?

Ready to do all sorts of home maintenance around Long Beach and the surrounding areas including Poly High District, Wrigley and South Wrigley.

Make a short call and talk about what your problem is and then go from there.

What They Will Do For You:

Structure Leveling
Building Foundation Repairs
Concrete Slab Jacking
Building Waterproofing
Concrete Crack Repairs



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