Richmond CA Wet Basement? Foundation or Concrete Problems?

If you are going through a foundation, concrete or wet basement situation, you can find someone who is able to help.

There are answers to lift up your concrete slab, fill your concrete cracks and make your basement dry.

If you think your property has a situation in one of these things, make a quick call and talk about it.

Your prospective contractor can offer you some help over the phone, or set up a period of time to drive out to check out your home and suggest some info on how to have it repaired.

Does My North Oakland Property Have a Problem?

Sometimes it is painfully clear that you have a big problem. In other cases, the indicators are not easy to find.

These problems can occur at any kind of building, like from a newer house to an older one.

Drawing of a family home with significant repair challenges

A Couple Signs That Might Mean Your Home Has a Problem:

• A big or extensive crack in your basement cement floor or foundation
• Water collects next to your house after a rain
• Doors or windows are starting to stick to their frames
• Spaces between an inside wall and a floor or the ceiling
• Cracking in any sort of solid surface exterior or interior wall
• Gaps between exterior walls or a wall and a chimney
• Your basement has gotten damp or musty
• Cracking in a brick wall or its mortar
• Water drips in your basement or crawlspace
• Vertical cracks in drywall, even small ones
• Weak, sagging or uneven floors
• Separating or cracked wood molding
• Spaces around door frames

Can My Problem Get Fixed?

Property owners often think their house troubles will be nearly impossible to correct, but, in most cases, the majority of problems can be fixed.

These building repairs require educated, experienced foundation repair contractors and crews, working with some really specific equipment, to adjust and correct a settling building structure, conduct a house leveling or other major structure mending.

Richmond Basement Waterproofing Company Near Me

If you get water inside your basement following a hefty rain, they can develop a way to prevent it from happening again. Nobody wants a wet basement.

The ideal solution for your wet basement could require taking some waterproofing measures in the basement, working on the grading and landscape on the outside of your house, or a blend of the two.

Richmond Slab Jacking Services

When a part of your concrete walkway or driveway has sunk a little into the ground, they will solve that too. The approach made to correct it is called mud jacking (some people refer to it as slab jacking).

Mudjacking is a process of powerfully pressing a caulk-like compound beneath a sunken slab. This caulk takes up space underneath the concrete and then causes the slab to rise up.

After your sidewalk, patio or driveway slabs are all the same level again, they’re going to look a lot better. And nobody is going to be stumbling on them either.

How Does This Happen?

These problems happen because the earth under your house and yard gradually moves. It gradually shrinks or expands because of water content and changes in temperature. Side Picture of what an exaggerated structure crisis may look like

This slight, but regular, motion might apply pressure on any solid structure is on top of it. Most buildings are equipped for a little of this movement, but too much movement, too frequently, may strain even a newly-built structure.

Although you can’t get control of the laws of science, or the weather conditions where you live, having your home built on a yard which has improper drainage or poor grading, or your house doesn’t have working rain gutters can be important variables in whether or not you get into a bad situation.

One of the primary elements which impact a home is the absorbency of the earth it sits on. Soil that will soak up and hold a big volume of moisture will usually expand more than soil that doesn’t retain water well.

Another cause of property troubles is having a large tree growing next to your home. This may cause issues as the roots expand beneath the home and apply stress on water pipes and maybe your structure. The substantial roots of a major tree right next to your property can also pull too much moisture out of the dirt underneath your structure, turning it too dried out during our Summertime dry season.

These sorts of natural stress may lead to little cracks in your home’s structure. These modest cracks allow in dampness and bugs, and those tiny cracks can get bigger as time goes by.

Can’t I Just Do This Another Time?

When it seems like you might be having an issue with your property, you might want to at least find a professional to examine it and learn their view.

Cement problems don’t get better in time. They typically get worse.

You might be okay to delay having the restorative work started, yet it could be to your advantage to correct it head-on right away.

If there is rainwater slowly seeping into your basement, that can cause ailments like mold. And mold growth will just get worse every year too.

In case you’re wondering about selling your house, remember, no home buyer really wants to purchase a home with a structure issue or shows signals of moisture getting into the basement.

And, if you’re working to sell your home, you need to let any serious buyer know about the noteworthy physical problems with your house or you might be in trouble later.

A house owner sometimes is convinced their issue is going to be nearly impossible and very costly to fix, but, in most cases, a professional NorCal contractor can have the trouble addressed. Many times the work process might get very tricky, but it will get accomplished.

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Which Neighborhoods Do They Operate In?

The usual work area is basically the entire north Oakland metro region including most of west Contra Costa County, including El Cerrito, Kensington and the 94804 and 94530 zip codes. If you are reading this, you can feel confident they can service your property.

Projects They Do Often

General Foundation Repair
Making a House Level
Leveling and Slab Jacking
Filling in Concrete Cracks
Making Basements Waterproof



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They work at properties in some areas of Alameda County and most of the East Bay.

They often work in Richmond, El Cerrito , Kensington and the 94804 and 94530 zip codes.


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