North Sacramento Basement Wet? Foundation Issue or a Concrete Crack?

If you have a foundation, concrete or soaked basement problem somewhere in the suburbs of North Sacramento, someone can help.

Find a reliable company that delivers solutions to raise your sunken concrete slab, fill your cement cracks, level your building or make your basement dry.

If you believe your home is having an issue in one of these subjects, they would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

When you’re on the phone, they can talk about the conditions you’re seeing, and, if you wish, establish a time to drive out to your house, take a look at your situation and suggest some advice on just how they will fix it.

Sometimes It’s Hard to Know If You Have a Problem or Not

In some cases a northern California homeowner can easily see they have a structure problem. In some cases, evidence is clear.

Other times the problem is harder to see. Unfortunately, these issues can turn up regardless of what kind of house you have.

This home has major challenges

Here Are Several Signs To Watch Out For:

• Water sits close to your house after a rain or you have a soggy crawlspace
• Doors or windows stick to their frames when you open or close them
• There is rain water down in your basement
• Spaces around doors and their frames, particularly exterior doors and garage doors
• Uneven or sloping interior floors
• Cracking in exterior or interior brick walls or mortar
• Vertical cracks in sheet rock, often between a door frame and the ceiling
• Any cracking in solid surface exterior or interior walls
• Cracked or separated wood molding, sometimes crown or door molding
• Substantial cracks in a concrete basement floor or foundation
• Damp, humid and musty-smelling basement
• Floors are saggy, weak or uneven, or tile floor sections are loose
• Cracks between a wall and ceiling or wall and floor
• Separation between meeting exterior walls or wall and chimney

Can My Issue Be Fixed?

It’s common for a property owner to worry their home problem will be nearly impossible to make right and cost a bundle in the process.

But the majority of houses in these situations can be repaired. These repair projects happen every day. In some instances the expense is substantial, but other times, not as much.

However, these kind of house repairs will require properly trained and seasoned foundation repair contractors and crews, utilizing custom equipment, to perform a house leveling, mend a sinking house structure, or properly accomplish any other significant structural problem.

Crawlspace Waterproofing Company in North Sacramento

If your basement gets wet, a check up will try to find out what is allowing water to get in it.

Your basement waterproofing correction may not need any actual work on the structure of your building at all, but instead just the ground and landscaping immediately around the house. Whatever it takes, they will come up with an agenda to solve the issue.

North Sacramento Concrete Slab Lifting Service

When you notice a section of your concrete pavement, walkway, or courtyard is sunken, they can usually lift it back up to where it is supposed to be at. This technique is frequently referred to as either slabjacking or mud jacking.

To elevate your slab, they press a thick liquid beneath the portion of your lowest slab. This thick liquid swells, dries and squeezes your concrete up to the proper height.

Sometimes a property owner wants slab jacking performed mostly in an attempt to improve the appearance of their property, but concrete slab lifting can cut down on accidental trips that result from having uneven sections. Practically all of these jobs are completed in one morning or day.

Okay, What Can Cause These Problems?

Well, it’s simply the science of the dirt our homes are constructed on.

The soil sitting below your home progressively evolves, shifts and tries to move. It stretches and contracts as a result of exposure to rain water and temperature changes. Do Not Help Your Property Drop Like the One in This Illustration

This slow, yet relentless, expansion and contraction of your ground can add excessive pressure on even newer houses.

Sure, you might be unable to change the weather or the soil makeup here in Sacramento County, there are a couple aspects you can manage.

First, your property ought to be graded to move rain water away from your house. Next, you need a good rain gutter system to prevent the rain that lands on your house from gathering around it.

One of the big factors that influence this situation coming about is something that the homeowner can’t control. It’s the absorbency of the soil that a home is built on.

Soil which could take in and soak up plenty of water will expand more than soil that doesn’t retain moisture well. Homeowners are relatively lucky here in north-central California, most of the soil under our houses is not too absorbent.

Another somewhat uncommon cause of structure problems is having a large tree too near your house. This can cause problems as the roots snake underneath the home and place pressure on sewer and water pipes and your concrete slab.

At some point, you may develop little cracks throughout the basement of your house. These minor cracks allow in moisture and air, and then those smaller cracks can become a bit bigger every year.

Do I Need to Get My Place Inspected?

If you think you might have an issue, you probably should get it looked at. It could be that what you are concerned about isn’t anything major. But if you get it inspected, at least you’ll know for sure.

You may hope your property issue simply fades away on its own, but it won’t. It will not get better all by itself.

Minor cracks grow up to become larger cracks. A tiny problem will still only only get worse.

Whenever you have rainwater down in your basement, it suggests you have a problem. Whenever water seeps into your home it may cause conditions including mold. Mold will only become worse over time.

Some property owners wish to put necessary repairs off because they believe they’ll be moving soon. But it’s not easy to sell any home that contains clues that may reveal a structure problem. Potential buyers get concerned about getting stuck with a considerable repair bill once they move in.

And, in case you are currently hoping to sell your home, you will want to let any serious buyer know about any critical problems with your property or you may get in trouble months after the sale.

Don’t worry and imagine that your trouble is too difficult to do. And don’t panic that it’s going to cost a lot. An experienced contractor can rectify almost any issue you have. And the price might be below what you were imagining.

There Are Choices

Some companies have been performing these types of home repair services for some time. This house restoration challenge is accomplished

These hometown work crews have built up the knowledge and skills to finish an intensive foundation inspection and expertly treat your situation.

What Suburbs Do They Work In?

The service area is pretty much most of the metropolitan area. They can work all over north Sacramento such as neighborhoods of Gardenland, North Natomas, South Natomas, Westlake, Creekside, Natomas Park, Natomas Crossing, Gateway West, Northgate and the areas of the 95815, 95834 and 95838 zip codes. If your CA home is not in an area that they can visit, they’ll just let you know when you call.

Services They Can Do For You:

Mud Jacking
Basement Waterproofer
Building Leveling
Big Foundation Repair
Concrete Crack Repair



A Contractor Near Me

Service areas include homes and business properties all over northern Sacramento.

This includes Gardenland, North and South Natomas, Westlake, Creekside, Natomas Park adn Crossing, Gateway West, Northgate and the 95815, 95834 and 95838 zip codes.


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