North Dallas Foundation Problem? Concrete Problem? Wet Crawl Space?

These pros present sensible and dependable answers to most varieties of damp crawlspace, home structure, or settling concrete problems.

If you think you are seeing a challenge in one of these things, you should make a quick call and you can talk it over.

When they have you on the phone, you can discuss the issues you’re witnessing, and, if you want, you can arrange a time for an inspector to drive out to your place, check out your situation and suggest some recommendations on how they can correct it.

Can I Get My Home Inspected?

Some house challenges can be very easy to recognize.

For instance, if you have water in your crawl space every time it rains hard.

Some problems happen so slowly that many homeowners don’t even notice them.

And while many of these problems develop at older homes, owners of new properties can suffer from them too.

Sketch of a residential home that has fallen into bad condition

Below are Indicators You Might Have a Foundation Problem

• Substantial crack in a concrete foundation or floor

• Windows or doors stick to their frames when you open or close them

• Gaps around exterior doors or garage doors

• Irregular or pitched interior floors

• Up and down splits in sheet rock between the door frame and the ceiling

• Visible separation between exterior walls or your chimney and a wall

• Collections of water close to your home after a rain

• Gaps between a wall and the ceiling

• Gaps between a wall and the floor

• Crawl space is too damp or has a musty smell

• Cracking interior or exterior brick walls or their mortar

• Separated interior molding, commonly door or crown molding

• Floors are sagging, warped or uneven

• Cracking solid surface interior or exterior walls

Can My Issue Be Fixed?

A homeowner will presume their house problem is going to be just about impossible to fix, but, in reality, just about all situations can be fixed.

Naturally, these kinds of house repairs require a professional foundation repair contractor and work team, utilizing the right gear and tools, to take care of a settling home foundation, perform a building leveling process or other crucial structural situation.

North Dallas Crawl Space Waterproofing Contractor Near Me

If you are finding water in your crawl space after a hard rain, they will give you a reasonable way to keep it from happening.

Nobody wants a wet crawlspace.

The plan to waterproof your crawl space might not call for any actual work to the structure itself, but instead just the ground and landscaping around the home.

They can develop a way to remedy the problem.

North Dallas Slab Jacking Services

If a section of your cement walkway, courtyard or patio has sunk beneath where it’s supposed to be, they will get that remedied.

The technique used is known as slab jacking.

(Contractors call it mud jacking because they like to refer to wet cement as mud.)

Mudjacking is a process of vigorously pushing a heavy substance directly below a sunken cement slab which, when it has filled up all the cavities under the concrete, forces the slab to lift up.

Once your sidewalk, patio or driveway slabs are all the same height again, they’re going to look much better.

And no one is going to be stumbling on the uneven edges either.

How Does This Situation Happen?

Well, around and beneath your home, the soil can move a bit a few times each year.

Moisture content, high or low temperatures and a few additional slight variables can cause the ground to contract or swell.

Don't allow your residence become like thisThis movement, although it might be minor, can impact whatever is on top of it, from a building to a driveway or other solid object.

Even while you won’t influence the Texas climate, having your home built on a lot which has awful drainage or improper grading or your property doesn’t have working rain gutters may be prime aspects in whether or not you experience a bad circumstance at your house.

The makeup of the soil your home was constructed on can be a significant factor as well.

Some kinds of soil can swell more than others do when in contact with moisture.

Unfortunately for many of us around here, the soil can be highly absorbent. That means it can contract and expand at a significant rate. And lead to problems.

One other somewhat unusual predictor of property problems is a big tree which is way too near to your residence.

It might make trouble as the roots reach beneath the building and put tension on water and sewer pipes and your cement slab.

These examples of natural pressure may give rise to tiny cracks in your house’s structure.

These small cracks allow in dampness and bugs, and these tiny cracks could get bigger every year.

Can I Wait Before I Do Something About This?

If you believe your DFW house has a problem, make sure you have it checked out.

If it turns out there is a situation, you need to get it fixed. This may not be something you should postpone.

Do not ignore it.

You understand your foundation lifts up the complete building.

Your Your whole home, the walls, floors as well as the roof all count on it.

Once water seeps into a crawlspace, it can cause problems such as humidity and mold. Plus, the volume of outside moisture leaking in will often growth each year.

If you’re considering just selling your home and not actually fixing it, there are very few possible buyers who want to buy a home that has a structural worry or one that gets water in its crawl space.

And also, as a house seller, you have to reveal to the buyer all serious issues with your house or you might end up in civil headaches later.

Lots of scenarios that appear far too difficult to fix in a property owner’s opinion usually can be remedied.

They might involve a sophisticated process, but they can get done.

Local Property Repairs

Maybe you should call one of the few hometown companies that have been working on projects in this home repair area for a long time. You will certainly enjoy having a nice building like this one again

These hometown contractors and work crews have earned the practical experience to complete extensive foundation inspections and properly take care of your unfortunate situation.

Do They Work in Your Suburb?

Crews operate all over the local area. If you are in the northern suburbs, they can more than likely give you some help.

Simply call and set up a time to meet. Common suburbs include Far North Dallas, Preston Hollow, North Park Center Mall area, Northeast Dallas, Harry Moss Park, Lake Highlands, Northwest Dallas or Galleria Mall area.

What They Can Do For You:

– Concrete Slab Raising

– Building Foundation Corrections

– Concrete Crack Fillingbr />

– Leveling a Building

Happy to Help Here:

  • Far North Dallas
  • Preston Hollow
  • North Park Center Mall
  • Northeast Dallas
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  • Galleria Mall area
  • Most other nearby DFW suburbs too

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