Got a Concrete or Foundation Problem in Northeast Chula Vista?

Find affordable strategies to many typical house structure, wet crawl spaces or sinking concrete slab issues.

In case you have a problem with one of these areas at your house, maybe you aren’t certain how bad your problem is, you might make a short call and talk about it.

They might offer you some ideas on the phone, and set up a practical time to come out and look at your place.

After an inspection, they can deliver some recommendations about how they can get it fixed.

Is This a Huge Problem or Not?

In some situations, a California homeowner can see there is a structure issue.

In some instances, the evidence is obvious.

Sometimes the issue is not easy to notice. And no matter what style of construction you have, these issues could turn up.

The owner of this residence needs to pick up the phone

Signs You Could Have a Foundation Situation

• Cracking in exterior or interior brick walls, solid surface walls or mortar
• Splits in sheet rock between a door frame and the ceiling
• New spaces around doors and their frames, especially exterior doors and garage doors
• Sloping or uneven floors
• Separations or space between exterior walls or a wall and the chimney
• Separating or cracked interior molding, commonly crown or door molding
• Unusual cracks in a cement foundation or floor
• Water, dampness or a musty smell down in the basement
• Gaps between your ceiling and a wall or ceiling and floor
• Windows or doors that shut hard or stick to their frames when you open them
• Floors are sagging, weak, warped, or a floor tile has become loose or broken
• Water collects around your house after a rain or in your crawl space

Are These Issues Hard to Correct?

Property owners might fear that their problem is so bad, your repair might be just about impossible to carry out and cost them a small fortune to get it done.

However, most of these types of issues are being repaired almost every day somewhere in our town.

Certain jobs are relatively costly; other projects are not so high.

Complex jobs demand a highly skilled contractor and work staff.

They also require the right tools and equipment.

They have the knowledge and gear to get the project done right.

Waterproofing Crawl Spaces

If you’re finding water under your house once in a while, they can determine why it happens and how to stop it from happening again.

Your particular waterproofing strategy may not call for any efforts inside your home at all, all the work might occur outside on the grounds and landscaping around the building.

They will create a solution to fix the situation.

Northeast Chula Vista Concrete Slab Lifting or Mudjacking

If parts of your concrete front walk, patio or driveway has sunken through the years, they will make that better too.

The operation is known as mud jacking (also referred to as slab jacking).

During this mud jacking process, they push a heavy liquid compound below the area of the concrete that needs to be elevated up.

That heavy mixture flows into the gaps under the slab, stiffens and pressures the concrete slab up. Very cool.

Slab lifting can enhance the overall look of sidewalks and also prevent unexpected tripping incidents.

Why Is This Happening to My SoCal Property?

Well, most of it is simply science. The dirt your home rests on moves and shifts a bit each year.

It might expand or shrink according to its repeated contact with moisture and temperature.

Illustration of a residential house settling trouble in the worksThis slow, but constant, expansion and contraction of the dirt can place a significant amount of pressure on even a well-built house.

Although you can’t control our weather, getting your house erected on a residential lot that has awful drainage and unconventional grading or declining to add quality rain gutters could be important factors in whether or not your home gets a foundation or water problem.

Some property owners have challenges in these areas; most SoCal homeowners do not.

One of the greatest ways to prevent future house foundation problems is to keep water from collecting around and under the house.

The specific variety of soil at your property is an important factor too.

Some kinds of ground will swell and enlarge more than others will when it gets wet.

An absorbent residential lot can take in water and then expand.

That is not the best situation.

Fortunately, most coastal soil is considered as just medium absorbent, it will not swell as much as some soils in some different areas of the state and country.

The expansive roots of a big tree next to your house might actually extract all the available moisture from underneath the house, making it too dry during a typical dry and hot Summer periods.

This dryness causes the soil to contract too much.

These types of stress can contribute to the creation of little cracks in your home’s structure.

These small cracks will allow in moisture, humidity and even small bugs, and then those small cracks will just get larger as years go by.

I Would Like To Put It Off And Do It Later

If you or someone else has a sense that you might have a problem with your home, you probably should have it looked at.

Then you will know whether or not your property has a problem and if it has to be repaired immediately or not.

The inspection itself is not something you should postpone.

Cracks and other problems with your structure will not get better over time.

It is almost always better to have the condition repaired as soon as you can.

Your entire house sits on its foundation, it deserves to be cared for.

When your basement or other area under your home is permitting rain water to get into it, the subsequent ailments can vary from a damp smell to a case of mold.

Plus, every year the circumstances will usually get more serious.

Perhaps you are considering not starting the repair work, since you are considering putting your house on the market.

But no perspective buyer wants to purchase a home with a hidden structural complication or reveals telltale signs of water down in the basement.

And, if you are planning to sell your house, it’s your duty to let a potential buyer know about any troubles with your home.

It doesn’t matter how difficult your circumstances might look, almost all situations can be addressed.

Some projects are tougher than other ones and some may incorporate a long and complicated repair process, but they can get done.

So try not to be worried until you have your home inspected by a pro.

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