Got Concrete, Foundation or Wet Basement Problems in Mountain View CA?

Find someone who offers great remedies for most house structure, damp basement or sinking concrete slab problems here in Santa Clara County.

If you believe you have an issue with one of these areas with your property, make a fast call and discuss it.

During a call, they can discuss your situation, possibly provide a little advice and then set up a visit to come out and inspect your property. After the review, they will be able to show you a plan about how to get it fixed.

I’m Not Really Sure What The Problem Is

Certain house issues can be really easy to spot. For example, if you get water in your basement every time it rains hard.

Other problems come about so gradually that a lot of homeowners don’t even notice them.

And while the majority of these problems happen at older homes, owners of new properties may encounter them too.

Drawing of a small house with whopping repair issues

Here Are Some Conditions to Look For:

• An unusual crack in your foundation
• Spaces around doors and trim, such as external doors and garage doors
• Irregular or pitched interior floors
• Windows and doors that stick to their frames when you try to open or close them
• Splits in your outside or inside brick walls or mortar
• There is water in your basement after a rain
• Separating or cracking wood molding, usually door molding or crown molding
• Cracking in any solid surface exterior or interior wall
• Vertical cracks in sheet rock, happens most often between a door frame and ceiling
• A soggy crawlspace or water collecting too close to your home
• Long cracks in a cement basement floor
• Floors are irregular, spongy, or floor tiles have become loose or broke
• Gaps between the ceiling and a wall or the floor and a wall
• Gaps between exterior walls or a wall and chimney
• Your basement feels humid or damp or has that musty smell

Can My House’s Problem Even Be Fixed?

Yes, sometimes these problems look like they will be really hard deal with. A Northern California homeowner may think their house situation will be nearly impossible to fix, or cost a small fortune to get done. But many troubles can be fixed at a reasonable cost.

Even so, these kind of property repairs will need properly trained and seasoned foundation repair contractors and workers, using custom tools, to perform a house leveling, correct a sinking house structure, or properly complete any other serious structural issue.

Mountain View Basement Waterproofing

If you get a wet basement now and then, these waterproofing specialist can get to the bottom of your problem and determine why rain water is getting into it.

The ideal solution to your wet basement may involve doing some waterproofing treatments in your basement, redoing the soil grading and landscape areas on the outside of your home, or a blend of the two.

Mountain View Concrete Slab Lifting

Some homeowners discover that a piece of their cement walkway, terrace, courtyard or garage has sunken a little bit over the years. If this happened at your property, they can usually remedy it through a procedure known as mud jacking or slab jacking.

Mud jacking is a procedure of powerfully injecting a thick caulk compound underneath the sunk slab. This caulk occupies space underneath the concrete and then causes the cement slab to lift up.

Sometimes a property owner wants slab jacking done mainly as a way to improve the look of their property, but concrete slab lifting can decrease accidental trips that result from walking on uneven pavement segments. Just about all jobs are completed in one morning or day.

Why Do These Circumstances Happen?

Even if you can never notice it happening, soil moves a bit over the years. The ground expands and contracts. This occurs mainly due to exposure to moisture and changing temperatures. Drawing of a home which is suffering from a wacky foundation

And even if this motion is tiny and gradual, these expansions and contractions can place stress on whatever structure is in or on top of the ground. Over time, this repeated stress can affect the strength of even a very solid home.

Even if you can’t change the laws of science, or the weather conditions where you live, having your home built on a residential lot that has unsuitable water drainage or low-quality grading, or your home doesn’t have effective rain gutters could be considerable factors in whether or not your home falls into a difficult situation.

The specific category of soil your home was constructed on can be a vital variable just as well. Some varieties of soil will swell more than others when they get exposed to moisture. Fortunately, in most of Santa Clara County area, the soil is classified as only somewhat absorbent, it does not absorb as much rainwater or swell as much as some other soils will in other areas of the country.

The extensive roots of a big tree which is too close to your residence might actually suck all the moisture from underneath the house, making it too dry during our Summer dry periods. This extreme lack of moisture may cause the ground to contract too much.

These stress components will contribute to the creation of smallish concrete cracking with time. Little cracks let in humidity and can grow into larger cracks. And bigger cracks can create trouble.

Do I Need to Get My Home Inspected?

When you have issues with your house, you probably should get it inspected soon and fixed if that is what is required. The home inspection, at a minimum, is not something you should postpone.

Cracking and other issues with your concrete will not improve with time. It is almost always far better to get the problem repaired as soon as you can. The entire house rests on the basement structure, it deserves to be taken care of.

Water gradually dripping into a basement leads to troubles such as mold. And those kind of troubles will just become worse in time.

And if you’re thinking about trying to sell your home, there’s no real estate buyer that wants to purchase a house that has a structure trouble or has obvious signals of past moisture leakage down in the basement.

Being a house seller, you need to disclose to the prospective buyer any considerable issues with your house or you could get into civil trouble later.

Try to not keep worrying about it without knowing the facts.

Many situations that appear too difficult to fix in the homeowner’s eyes can get corrected. The repair might require a tricky and frequently difficult combination of steps, but the repairs will get done.

Who Can Fix It?

They are a local business with plenty of experience. The improvement crew has this small house just about all fixed up

These home inspectors and work teams have obtained the practical experience required to carry out a thorough structure inspection and also soundly and expertly get your property challenge corrected.

The Areas They Work In

Most of north Santa Clara County is in their service area. They regularly work in Mountain View, Cuesta Park, Los Altos, Springer, Waverly Park and Whisman Station, including the zip codes of 94041, 94040 and 94043.

The Repair Jobs They Do

Making a House Level
General Foundation Fixes
Cement Slab Jacking
Filling Up Concrete Cracks
Sealing a Basement



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