Wet Basement? Concrete or Foundation Problems?

These Brooklyn Park pros offer budget-friendly answers to typical building structure, wet basement or settling concrete slab incidents.

If you are going through one of these dilemmas at your northwest Minneapolis residence, they are a good choice to give you a hand.

They are willing to discuss it by phone.

And maybe you could line up a time to drive to your place and take a close look.

Not Sure You Have a Problem?

In some instances it is obvious that there is a problem.

In other cases, the signs are not so easy to see.

These problems can materialize at any type of property, and from a newer home to an older one.

This nice house will have a lot of work

Some Signs That May Suggest Your House Has a Problem:

• Unusual crack in your foundation

• Gaps around doors and trim, especially external doors and garage doors

• Doors and windows which stick to their frames when you open or close them

• Cracks in the inside or outside brick walls or mortar

• There’s water in your basement after a rain

• Separating or cracking interior molding, typically door molding or crown molding

• Cracking in any solid surface exterior or interior wall

• Vertical cracking in sheet rock, happens most often between a door frame and ceiling

• Large cracks in a concrete basement floor

• Floors have become uneven, spongy, or floor tiles are loose or broken

• Spaces between a ceiling and a wall or the floor and a wall

• Gaps in between exterior walls or a wall and chimney

• Irregular or sloped interior floors

• Your basement feels humid, damp or has a musty smell

Can These Issues Be Fixed?

Important structural issues are difficult to fix, but they can get done.

Property owners sometimes suppose their situation is too hard to fix, or it will cost lots of money to solve, but that isn’t necessarily accurate.

The right contractor can handle this kind of job, but only when they’ve got a trained supervisor, trained workers and the latest tools developed for the project.

It’s a demanding and hard job, but they can get it done.

And once they have completed the job and left, your house will be in good shape again.

Waterproofing a Basement in Plymouth or Maple Grove

If you have a wet basement once in a while, these waterproofing technician will get to the bottom of your trouble and find out why rain water is leaking into it.

Your Brooklyn Park basement waterproofing situation may not involve any work on the interior of the house itself. Sometimes all the important labor is spent just on the ground and landscaping surrounding the house.

Whatever condition your property is experiencing, they can come up with an ideal plan to solve it.

Plymouth Slab Jacking Services

Another service they can do is concrete slab lifting.

Some folks call this process mudjacking or slabjacking.

If you see a section of your concrete patio, driveway or pathway that has sunken down into the dirt so it is no longer even, they will boost it back up again.

Mudjacking is the process of forcefully pushing a heavy substance under a sunken slab which, when it has filled all the cavities underneath the cement, forces the slab to rise up.

Cement slab lifting can improve the appearance of sidewalk sections when one or more section isn’t at the appropriate height. Having them at the right height will also help prevent tripping incidents and stumbles from having uneven adjoining segments.

How Do These Problems Happen?

Beneath your house, driveway and yard, the soil is incrementally shifting.

It swells and gets smaller as a result of wetness, temperature and other factors.

Example of a home that has worked its way down deep in the pebblesThis slow, but consistent movement can cause the structure above the ground to move too.

Sections of the foundation might slide down or up or even side to side.

The movement is minimal, but even minor movements, happening many times, can lead to a problem with the building itself one day.

So, you can’t control the elements or the scientific makeup of the soil here around Hennepin County, but letting your house rest on a poorly graded lot is looking for trouble.

If your lot does not prompt rainwater to go away from your home, you could encounter a bad situation in the future.

Likewise, neglecting to install good rain gutters is another error property owners can make.

Rain gutters are a basic fix which will help prevent water issues.

Another factor that affects these issues is the natural composition of the soil beneath the house.

Different types of soils vary in just how much water they retain.

Some types of soil retains more water (and swells and contracts) more than other types do.

The typical soil around in the Twin Cities is classified as only being mildly absorbent, so that one variable is in our favor.

Through the years, you may develop tiny cracking throughout the structure of your house.

These smaller cracks will allow in moisture and air, and then those smaller sized cracks could get slightly bigger every year.

Can I Wait and Deal With It Later?

If you feel you’ve got an issue at your place, you ought to at least call to get it checked out.

It really isn’t something you ought to put off for long.

After having it inspected, you’ll at least know what you’re working with.

It’s natural to hope that your problem just disappears, but cement cracks and faults won’t fix themselves. They won’t get better on their own over time.

It’s always wise to handle the matter now and not later.

If you’re finding rainwater in your basement after it rains a lot, maybe it won’t require much work to remedy it.

You don’t need a mold problem down in the basement.

If you don’t take steps to get rid of it, mold will not get better over the months either.

It will be hard to sell a property that contains any clues that signal it might have a structural or water trouble.

Buyers get afraid that they may get stuck with a big repair bill when they actually move in.

If you will be a real estate seller, you will have to disclose to your buyer any known faults with your property or you might end up in hassles later on.

Remember, plenty of circumstances that a homeowner may believe is too difficult to do can typically be corrected.

The repairs could require a hard and sometimes difficult set of steps, however it can get done.

They Can Do It.

Find a Local Contractor for Plymouth – Brooklyn Park – Maple Grove

It’s good to call one of the few local organizations that have been operating in this field for some time. You are going to like owning a safe building like this one again

These work crews have earned the knowledge and skills to make full foundation inspections and effectively manage your unfortunate situation.

What MN Areas Do They Work In?

The typical service region includes the west Twin Cities area, most of Hennepin County, South Anoka, North Scott and the adjacent local suburbs including Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Anoka, Andover, Brooklyn Center, Osseo, Champlin, Coon Rapids, Medicine Lake, Plymouth, New Hope and Crystal.

Taking On Projects Here:

The service region includes the west Twin Cities, most of Hennepin County and South Anoka County, the major suburbs including Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center, Coon Rapids, Champlin, Brooklyn Park, Osseo, Andover, Plymouth, Medicine Lake, Anoka, New Hope and Crystal.

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