Foundation or Concrete Problems in Happy Valley Oregon?

You can fix settling concrete slabs, house structure issues, concrete cracks and damp basements for building owners southeast of the Portland area.

In case you’re anxious you have an issue in one of these problems, just start a short phone call to talk it over.

You can discuss your home’s problem over the phone, and then arrange a meeting to come by your property and look at what’s going on.

Do You Have a House Problem?

Sometimes a Clackamas or Multnomah County homeowner can tell there is a structure problem.

In some instances, the information is quite noticeable. Other times the signs are difficult to notice.

These complications can show up in all kinds of different properties, from old to new and from inexpensive houses to expensive ones.

Older house needs serious maintenance fast

Signs That Might Indicate You Have a Problem:

• Cracks in interior or exterior brick walls, solid surface walls or mortar
• Cracks in sheet rock between a door frame and ceiling
• New gaps around doors, mainly exterior doors and garage doors
• Sloping or uneven floors
• Separations or spaces between exterior walls or a wall and the chimney
• Separated or cracked interior molding, typically crown or door molding
• Large cracks in a cement foundation or basement floor
• Water, dampness or a musty smell in your basement
• Spaces between a ceiling and a wall or ceiling and floor
• Windows or doors that close hard or stick to their frames when you open them
• Floors are saggy, weak, warped, or a floor tile has become loose or broken
• Water collects near your house after a rain or in your crawlspace

Can My Problem Even Get Fixed?

Substantial building structure situations, like leveling a complete home, is a big undertaking, but these types of projects are completed every day. They get completed.

Property owners are often astounded that someone can permanently raise up their home, but it is possible. You just have to find the right contractor to make it happen for you.

But these kinds of home repairs require a trained foundation repair contractor and staff, working with special tools, to correct a sinking home foundation, conduct a home leveling or correct any serious structural matter.

Happy Valley Basement Waterproofing Service

If your basement lets water in following a good rain, you can stop it.

They will establish where water is leaking in and figure out how to prevent it. No property owner needs to settle for a wet basement.

In order to get your basement dry, they might have to work on the interior of the basement. Many times they are able to get the project finished by working just outside the house.

They could manage to halt rain water from getting into your house through fixing the grading of the lot, putting up gutters, adding a french drain or other tactic.

They may not need to work directly on your basement walls at all.

Sunken Concrete Slab Lifting in Happy Valley

If a section of your concrete sidewalk, courtyard or porch has sunken under where it once was, they will work on that too. They work with a process known as mudjacking (also known as slab jacking).

Mud jacking refers to a procedure where your work crew will shoot a mud-like material below the sunken part of the slab. This mud gathers under the slab and powers the slab upwards to its previous height.

When the mud solidifies, your concrete is level again. Eliminate accidental trips.

Often homeowners want slab jacking done just in order to raise the look of their home or property, but concrete slab raising can cut down on accidents and trips from having uneven sections and it can cut down on other issues, such as poor drainage, as well. Many jobs are finished in one morning or afternoon.

Why Do These Issues Happen?

Well, it’s got something to do with science. The topsoil beneath your home gently changes, shifts and moves around. It may swell or contract based upon exposure to water and temperature. House Settling Illustration

This expanding and later contracting of the soil places stress on even a strong, well-built property.

Even if you can’t command the weather or the makeup of the ground here in northwest Oregon, leaving your home sitting on a lot which has awful drainage or insufficient grading can be big causes in whether or not you experience a weak foundation problem with your residence.

In addition, simply having effective rain gutters can certainly help keep unwanted water away from your home. It’s a simple remedy that can have a long-lasting effect.

The physical makeup of the ground your home was built on can be a chief element as well. Some types of soil can swell more than other soils when exposed to water. Luckily for you in western Oregon, the soil here isn’t as absorbent as soil in other regions.

A different risk factor for property issues is keeping a big tree that is too near your residence. This tree might lead to trouble if those roots stretch below the residence and put pressure on your structure, or interfere with sewer and water pipes.

The roots from a major tree that is right next to your house can also draw large amounts of moisture out of the earth underneath your house, making the dirt too dehydrated during our Summertime dry period.

After a few years, a building may gradually develop a little crack or two. And that smaller crack can turn into a larger crack. A big split can let in moisture and air and it just becomes worse after that.

Can’t I Just Wait?

If it seems like you have an issue, it’s best to really have it inspected by a professional. At least call somebody to look into it.

And you can’t try to not think about it and hope that it disappears. Because it won’t. Foundation crack repair is serious and it is best to work on it sooner instead of later.

Remember, your basement structure literally lifts up the complete house. The floors, roof and walls all rely on it. If you don’t look after it you may land in a serious situation later on.

If your basement has moisture continually seeping into it, complaints can range from a musty smell to mold. And each year the symptoms might get even worse.

If you’re planning on just selling your house and not actually fixing it, there are very few potential buyers who want to buy a house that has a structural challenge or one that gets water in the basement.

Being a home seller, you need to reveal to the prospective buyer all substantial issues with your house or you might be in civil trouble later on.

If you’re seeing some distressing warning signs at your home, avoid getting stressed that the issue is too difficult or expensive to get fixed. Experienced contractors can resolve nearly any condition.

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This is one of the few area businesses that have been getting work done in this home repair area for several years. You are going to like having a pleasant place like this one again

These local supervisors and work teams have the practical experience to manage extensive foundation inspections and appropriately take care of your situation.

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They accept jobs all over the local area from Portland over to Happy Valley and Sunnyside and the 97086 zip code.

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Making a Basement Waterproof
Home Foundations
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