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From a soggy basement to a sunken concrete slab to a split in your basement floor or wall, they can help.

If you feel (or you are certain about it) you have a predicament with one of these places, just make a call. Why not talk about it.

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How Do I Know if My House Has a Problem?

In some instances, a homeowner knows right away they have a structure condition. It’s really obvious. They’re able to identify the signs.

But in other instances, it’s not easy to see the warning signs.

While many problems crop up at houses that have been around for a while, trouble might appear at just about all kinds of properties, from older to relatively new and from basic houses to luxury estates.

This house needs to get inspected right away

Some Clues May Indicate Your House Has a Problem:

• Spaces around an interior door, exterior door or garage door
• Exterior or interior brick walls or their mortar have cracks
• Sizable cracks in a concrete foundation or basement cement floor
• Cracking running up and down in drywall, even if they aren’t that long
• Uneven or spongy interior floors
• Separation between exterior walls or a wall and chimney
• Windows or doors are closing hard and sticking to their frames
• Cracks in any exterior walls
• Rain water gets into your basement several times
• A wet crawlspace or puddles of water next to your house after it rains
• Separations or cracks in interior wood molding
• Spaces between walls and ceiling or the walls and floor
• Your basement appears damp and humid

Worried The Repair Will Get Costly?

Major home structure problems, such as leveling a large house, is a large project, but these projects are doable. These jobs get finished. You just have to find the right company to do it for you.

The appropriate company can handle this kind of job, but only when they’ve got a qualified supervisor, experienced work crew and the latest equipment designed for the job.

It’s a challenging and hard job, but they can get it done. And once they have finished the project and left, your house will be secure and safe again.

Waterproofing Basements Near You in Glenmoor Area of Fremont

If you’re regularly seeing water in your basement, why not have one of these waterproofing technicians determine what is allowing it to happen.

Your Alameda County basement waterproofing remedy might not require any work inside the basement at all. In some cases all of the labor may end up being carried out only on the lawn and yard grading around your home.

Tri-City Area Concrete Slab Lifting and Repairs

A different service they offer is cement slab raising. Some people call this procedure mud jacking or slabjacking. If you have a piece of your cement drive way, walkway or patio which has sunk in the soil so it is no longer even, they can lift it back up to the right level.

Slabjacking is the method where you slowly push a heavy material under the bad sunken cement slab. This thick material gathers underneath the slab and eventually powers the slab upwards to its preferred position. Rather clever.

Concrete raising increases the appearance of walkways by making each segment level and also helps prevent accidental trips.

Okay, What Can Cause These Problems?

These cases happen because the earth underneath your house and driveway gradually shifts. It gently shrinks or spreads out due to water and temperature. Side Picture of what a common structure situation might be like

This little, yet steady, movement might exert pressure on any solid structure is on top of it. Most properties are able to handle a bit of this movement, but too much movement, or too frequently, can harm even a newly-built building.

Although you can’t control our Northern California weather, having your house erected on a residential lot which has subpar drainage and unsuitable grading or declining to put in really good rain gutters could be important factors in whether or not your house develops a foundation or water issue.

Some property owners have issues in these areas; many others do not. One of the best approaches to avoid house foundation problems is to simply keep rain water from being around and under your home.

The makeup of the soil beneath your home is another primary contributing variable also. Some varieties of soil swell more than other soils do when they get soaked.

Luckily for those in the East Bay, the soil isn’t as absorbent as it is in other areas of the country.

Yet another somewhat unusual predictor of foundation issues is a substantial tree which is way too near to your house. This might cause problems as the roots expand under the house and put stress on water lines and maybe your cement slab.

Natural environment factors and continual forces can encourage little cracks in your home’s basement. These small cracks let in moisture, and a few of those little splits grow into big cracks, and some of these big cracks grow into major problem cracks.

It’s Best to Not Wait Too Long

When you have an issue with your home, you really should have it looked over and corrected. The inspection, at least, is not something you should postpone.

Don’t forget, your foundation supports your whole house. The floors, walls and roof count on it. If you don’t take care of it you could end up in a severe situation.

If rain water runs into a basement it can cause complications like mold. Mold can be really serious. And it can become worse over time.

When you’re planning on selling your home in the next couple of years, just remember that almost no buyer desires to purchase a home which has any kind of foundation situation or shows a background of rain water damage in the basement.

Additionally, it is a house seller’s responsibility to tell a house buyer of any major physical home defect. You won’t want to be in a situation of saying that you understood there was a serious condition, but you didn’t have it repaired.

A number of situations that seem to the property owner to be impossible to fix can typically be corrected after all. They might require a complicated and sometimes tricky procedure, but they can be accomplished.

Local NorCal Contractors

Your company has the ability necessary to get the structure job done correctly. Get Your Home Back to Sound Form

These building contractors have done these kind of projects before. They can put your property back in tip-top condition.

What Neighborhoods Do They Work In?

The service area is West Alameda County and most of Fremont, such as the Glenmoor neighborhood and the 94536 and 94538 zip codes. If for some reason, your home is not within an area that they can service, they’ll quickly let you know when they talk with you.



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This includes northwest central Fremont, Glenmoor and the 94538 and 94536 zip codes.


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