Problem With Your Cully Basement, Foundation or Concrete?

Find economical and fast solutions to most types of damp basement, building structure, or sinking concrete problems.

If you are worried your house is going through one of these situations, you can find someone to call today or tomorrow to go over it.

They be able to supply a bit of advice while they have you on the phone, but an extensive evaluation is usually the best option.

They will arrange a meeting to drive out and take a look at your property and provide a plan on the best direction forward to getting the problem sorted out.

I’m Not Sure My Portland House Has a Problem

Sometimes, it’s evident to a north Portland homeowner they have a structure problem. In some situations, the evidence is just really clear and quick to discover; Other times the property owner just isn’t convinced they have a problem.

These types of troubles can show up in any type of construction, from old to new houses.

Drawing of a single-family house that has fallen into bad structural shape

Basic Signs Your House Has a Problem:

• Water in your crawlspace or basement
• Separating or cracking interior molding (usually crown or door molding)
• Cracks around exterior doors or the garage door and its frame
• Floors are uneven, bouncy or beginning to warp
• Windows or doors which stick to their frames
• Splits in any solid surface wall, brick wall or mortar
• Uneven or sloping floors
• Up and down cracks in the sheet rock between a door frame and the ceiling
• Separation between two exterior walls or one wall and the chimney
• Major cracks in a cement basement floor or concrete foundation
• New spaces between a wall and ceiling or wall and floor
• Your basement always smells musty or seems damp and humid
• Pooling of rain water close to your house after rains

Are These Problems Difficult to Correct?

Homeowners have a tendency to think their house troubles will be close to impossible to deal with, but, in most cases, most faults can be corrected.

With that in mind, repairing a home structural obstacle requires a skilled contractor and crew, along with the appropriate tools and equipment to lift and fix a house which is no longer straight and level.

Cully Basement Waterproofing Contractor

When your basement is often getting wet, good waterproofing technicians can determine what is causing water to get into it.

To get your basement dry, they could focus on the interior of your basement or they may be able to get the work accomplished by just taking care of the outside.

They might find a way to prevent rain water from coming into your house by only correcting the grading of your lot, replacing rain gutters, a french drain or other tactic. They might not have to access the basement walls at all.

Mudjacking or Concrete Slab Lifting in Cully OR

When a part of your cement courtyard, sidewalk, garage floor or driveway has sunken some a little over time, they can generally fix that too.

The method they use to lift it back up is called either slabjacking or mudjacking.

In order to raise your cement slab back to the height where it initially was, they force a thick liquid filler material under your sunk slab. This heavy mud goes in the empty spaces, solidifies and pushes your concrete back up to the correct level.

After your cement sections are all the same height, they will look a lot better and people will not be tripping on the irregular joints.

Why Does This Situation Happen?

Well, it’s simply the natural properties of soil. The dirt under your home sometimes adjusts, shifts and moves. You never see it happening, but it happens.

The earth shrinks and swells determined by repeated exposure with water and changes in temperature. Big league example of a structure failing

This irregular expanding and contraction of the ground can position stress on just about any building, even a newer house.

While you can’t influence the weather or the science of our soil, there are a few things you can do.

A pair of beneficial steps to take include ensuring the lot where your home rests is properly graded and it has a suitable drainage plan and you have installed a decent gutter system to escort rain water away from your home.

The physical makeup of the soil around and below your house is a key contributing factor too. Some kinds of soil swell more than other varieties do when they get wet. Fortunately, in the Portland metro, the soil is not as absorbent as soil in other parts of the USA.

Even something as simple as having a big tree that is right next to your house can make trouble. A large tree’s roots can develop under a house, create force against the concrete structure and draw water out of the soil, drying it out too much during hot summer months.

All these kinds of natural stress could add to the development of tiny cracking in the base of your property.

Small cracks can escort in moisture and also have a habit of escalating into greater cracks over the years.

Can I Wait On This?

If you’ve got an issue with your residence, you probably should have it inspected soon and then fixed if that is what is necessary. The home inspection, at the very least, isn’t something you should postpone.

And you can’t simply ignore it and hope it goes away. Because it won’t. Foundation crack repair is serious and it is best to take care of it sooner instead of later.

Remember, your foundation actually lifts up your entire house. The floors, roof and walls all depend on it. If you don’t look after it you may find yourself in a serious situation later on.

Once rain water regularly gets into a basement, it can cause problems such as humidity and mold. Plus, the amount of moisture coming in will often growth every year.

If your home has some visible signals that could indicate it has a foundation problem, just about all home buyers will pass on it. Potential buyers are scared that the house could need a major repair.

In addition, if you know your house has a serious property situation, you’re obligated to disclose to the purchaser about what it is. You don’t want the buyer to come back after you with a complaint months after the sale has ended.

A variety of scenarios that appear way too tough to fix in the homeowner’s eyes usually can be corrected. They might include a complicated process, but they can be achieved.

Local Property Repairs

When it comes to working with a building contractor to get your home sorted out, you’ve got a small handful of decent choices. Home corrections are all over

With an expert staff and equipment, they can check out, organize and finish your repair project and get your house back to new condition.

Where in Town Do They Work?

The service area is the entire metro area, most of Multonomah County and the adjoining suburbs, such as Alameda, Bridgeton, Concordia, Park Rose, Roseway, Sunderland and Woodlawn, plus the 97213, 97218, 97220 and 97024 zip codes.

Just start a simple phone call and talk about it. The call costs nothing and there’s no obligation tied to it.

The Repair Jobs Often Done

Concrete Raising
Building Foundation Corrections
Basement Wall Sealing
Concrete Crack Filling
Leveling a Building



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