Got a Problem With Your Foundation or Concrete Near Clovis?

Find someone to provide treatments for all kinds of property challenges, including settling concrete slabs, rain-filled basements or cracking foundations.

If you believe your property is got an issue in one of these subjects, they would be more than happy to talk it over with you.

After they examine your scenario, they will supply a plan on ways to get it fixed.

I’m Not Sure I Have a Real Problem?

In many instances it is apparent you have a problem. In other instances, the signs are not so easy to notice.

These challenges can occur at any type of building, from a new home to an old one.

An illustration of a home needing serious structure repair

Problem Warning Signs:

• A crack in a cement foundation or basement floor
• Doors or windows stick to their frames when you open or close them
• Water gets in your basement or crawlspace
• Gaps around exterior doors or a garage door and frame
• Irregular or sloping interior floors
• Up and down cracks in drywall between a door frame and the ceiling
• Visible separations between exterior walls or the chimney and a wall
• Pooling of water near your home after a rain
• Spaces between a wall and the ceiling
• Gaps between a wall and the floor
• Basement is too damp or has that musty smell
• Cracking interior or exterior brick walls or mortar
• Separating interior molding, primarily crown or door molding
• Floors are weak, warped or sloping
• Cracking solid surface exterior or interior walls

Is This a Really Big Job?

House structural repairs can be tough, but they can be fixed.

Other challenges, such as raising a piece of a concrete sidewalk, are a lot easier.

That being said, solving a house structure problem requires an expert contractor and work crew, combined with the right tools and equipment to lift and fix a house which is no longer straight and level.

Crawlspace Waterproofing Company

If you’re fed up with living with a wet basement once or twice a year, they’ve got a pro who can determine what is allowing water to get into it.

It is possible they may get to cure the situation without needing access to your basement walls at all.

Mudjacking or Concrete Slab Lifting in Clovis

When a patch of your concrete walkway, terrace or driveway has sunk under where it once was, they can handle that too. They use a process called mud jacking (also referred to as slabjacking).

Mudjacking is a procedure where you shoot a mud-like material under the sunken slab. This chemical mud is thick enough to gently force the slab back up to the optimal height.

Concrete slab lifting is the favorite method to fix your sunken porch or sidewalk.

Why Is This Issue Happening to Me?

You can’t see it happen, but the earth shifts a little bit over time. It may contract and stretch.

This happens largely due to the exposure to moisture and temperature. Moving dirt can force a structure to slightly sink down - model

And even though this motion is really small and irregular, these types of contraction and expanding actions could apply stress on whatever building rests on top of (or even in) that earth. Over time, this persistent stress could affect the condition of just about any kind of connected building.

While you can’t influence the rain or temperature here in Fresno County, if your home is located on a residential lot that has bad water drainage and insufficient grading, these can be major conditions in whether or not you will experience structural problems.

Just putting up effective working rain gutters will help keep excess water away from your home. It is a basic fix that can have a big effect.

The makeup of the soil your home was constructed on can be a key point as well. Some types of soil will swell more than other soils when subjected to water. Unfortunately, The Central Valley is notorious for having areas where these absorbent clay soils create problems with too much expansion and contraction.

Even something as outwardly innocent as having a big tree close to your house can produce a complication. The long-ranging roots of a big tree may expand under a house, press up against the concrete and also suck out too much moisture out of the soil during our hot, dry summer seasons, making the dirt under the home too dry.

Each of these types of environmental stress can cause the introduction of smallish cracks in the basement of your home. And one smaller sized crack can let in moisture and air and it has a way of progressing into a broader crack in time.

The Best Advice is Don’t Wait Too Long

If you believe your California property has a scenario like this, you should have it examined.

If it turns out you have a problem, maybe you should have it fixed. This isn’t something you should put off for long.

Cement problems don’t get better with time. They often become worse.

You may be able to postpone getting the repair work started, yet it could be in your best interest to tackle it head-on without delay.

If you’ve got rain water seeping in your basement, it might result in situations such as mold and humidity. And these problems grow worse over time.

If you are serious about selling your house, there’s no buyer who wants to purchase a home that has a serious structural ailment or has obvious indications of water seepage in the basement.

And, if you’re working to sell your house, it’s important to inform any serious buyer know about the serious problems with your property or you could be in civil trouble later on.

Avoid getting worried and assuming your condition is too big and difficult to take care of. Or it will be too expensive to repair. A knowledgeable contractor can correct almost any issue you’ve got. And your final cost could be less than what you’re anticipating.

You Have Choices

They are pleased to note they have been working in this field for quite some time. The Licensed contractor Has Renovated This Home

Your Clovis contractor has the practical experience necessary to perform a solid foundation examination of your house and come up with an action plan to take care of your challenge.

Where Do They Work?

They work from Fresno over to the entire Clovis area including the 93611, 93612, 93613 and 93619 zip codes.

Call and talk about it. The call costs nothing and there’s no obligation associated with it.

Here Is What They Can Do For You:

Mud Jacking
Basement Waterproofer
Building Leveling
Concrete Foundation Repair
Concrete Crack Repair



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