Basement, Foundation and Concrete Repairs in Bridle Trails

Find where to mend settling concrete slabs, home structure problems, concrete cracks and wet basements for building owners in the Bellevue and Kirkland areas.

In case you have one of these concerns, someone good will get it resolved.

A local company is pleased to take a look at your circumstances over the phone, and they will establish a time to swing by your property and look into what is happening.

What if I’m Not Sure There is a Problem?

When it comes to realizing home structure issues, in some cases the property owner is aware right away that something is wrong. In some circumstances, the symptoms are just really clear.

Sometimes the symptoms are tough to see. These issues can arise in all types of homes, no matter what age or design they are.

This Property Requires a Number of Repairs

Trouble Symptoms to Look For:

• Spaces around doors, primarily outside doors and garage doors
• Windows or doors that stick to their casings when you attempt to open them, or close too hard
• Water in your basement – water should never be down in your basement
• Irregular or sloping interior floors
• Separated or broke interior molding, mainly door molding or crown molding
• Spaces in exterior or interior brick walls or mortar
• Cracking in solid surface interior or exterior walls
• Up and down cracks in sheet rock, commonly seen between the door frame and ceiling
• Significant cracks in a cement basement floor or foundation
• Spaces between a wall and ceiling or a wall and floor
• Gaps or any separation between two exterior walls or a wall and the chimney
• A damp crawlspace or obvious pooling of water around your home after a rain
• Your basement feels damp or humid and possesses a musty odor
• Floors are loose, weak, warped or irregular, or floor tiles are loose or broke

These Problems Look Difficult and Costly to Fix

Big structural issues are difficult to fix, but they can get done. Property owners sometimes believe their problem is unfixable, or it will cost lots of money to repair, but that is not necessarily true.

But these kinds of house improvements do take professional foundation repair contractors and experienced crews, working with the right equipment, to carry out a proper home leveling, stabilize a sunken home structure, or effectively execute any other challenging house project.

Basement Waterproofing Service in Bridle Trails WA

If you are tired of having a wet basement, talk with a specialist who will figure out what is causing rain water to drip into it.

Your Bellevue basement waterproofing strategy might not involve any kind of labor inside your house itself, but just outside on the grounds and landscaping surrounding the home. They will have a strategy to fix the problem.

Bridle Trails Concrete Slab Lifting and Repairs

Some property owners realize a piece of their cement walkway, terrace, driveway or garage floor has sunken a little bit over the years. If this taken place at your property, they can usually fix it through a process often called mudjacking or slabjacking.

Mud jacking refers to a process in which your work crew will shoot a thick mud material below the sunken part of the slab. This heavy mud gathers beneath the slab and pushes the slab upwards back to its natural height.

When the mud hardens, your concrete is level again. Eliminate accidental trips.

Concrete slab lifting is the recommended way to fix your uneven patio or sidewalk.

Why Is This Situation Happening to Me?

Well, it’s basically the physical properties of soil. The earth sitting under your home gradually changes, adjusts and tries to move. It enlarges and shrinks due to exposure to moisture and temperature changes. Do Not Help Your Dwelling Drop Like This One

This sluggish, but regular, expansion and shrinking of your ground can put a lot of pressure on even current buildings.

While you can’t influence our weather or the science of our soil, there are steps you can take.

Two beneficial steps to take include making certain the lot where your home rests is correctly graded and has a suitable drainage plan and you have put in a good gutter system to move rain water away from your home.

The unique natural characteristics of the soil and dirt on your lot is a big contributing variable. Certain specific varieties of soil retain more moisture than others do, so they can swell and then contract more than others.

Good thing for you in King County, the ground here is classified as being only somewhat absorbent. This means our ground won’t swell and contract as much as some of the other soil types around the US.

Another consideration, although it generally isn’t as common, is having a really big tree grow too close to your home. A large tree can have vast roots that might go far underneath your house. Those roots may pull all the water out of your dirt during extended dry and hot periods and may even place some strain on your foundation as well.

These stress factors can contribute to the creation of smaller concrete cracks with time. Small cracks let in humidity and might grow into bigger cracks.

And bigger cracks can create challenges.

I Want To Put It Off And Do It Later

Look, when you have some questions with your house which is worrying you, simply find a contractor to at least evaluate it. Then you will know what your situation is.

It may be that you don’t actually have a big problem and you don’t have to have it fixed. Maybe you are getting worried for no reason. But you are better off having it checked out and at least understanding what your issue is.

A person shouldn’t merely forget the problem and only hope that it magically goes away. It is not going to go away.

Foundation crack repair is a problem a homeowner should focus on fairly soon instead of later on.

Keep in mind, your foundation physically supports the entire house. The walls count on it. If you forget to fix it you could land in a more difficult case years from now.

If you notice small amounts of water in your basement somewhat often, water can bring about a case of mold. Nobody wants to have a mold problem in their basement.

In case you are contemplating putting your home up for sale, no home buyer likes to buy a house that’s got any sort of structure difficulty or includes indicators of water in the basement.

And, if you are trying to sell a home, you will need to tell any serious buyer about any major troubles with your home or you could get into civil trouble in the future.

They can come up with a strategy to rectify any structure situation you have at your house.

Try not to get overly worried until you get an inspection and know what you’re dealing with. Scenarios which can look to a property owner to be way too complicated to take care of will generally wind up getting repaired.

The entire process could be a bit difficult, but they will generally get done.

You Have Choices

When the time comes for deciding on a building contractor to have your house fixed, you’ve got a couple of reliable options. A first-rate local licensed contractor may get your residence looking like new once againSkilled work crews can examine your property, prepare your job and complete the repairs as promised.

They are going to put your house back in top shape.

The Typical Work Area

The general service area is the greater Bellevue and Kirkland areas which includes the Bridle Trails community and property owners in the 98005, 98007 and 98033 zips.

Types of Services That Get Taken Care of:

Concrete Slab Raising
Building Foundation Corrections
Basement Wall Sealing
Concrete Crack Filling
Leveling a Building



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