Wet Basement? Foundation Problems? Concrete Problems?

Find someone who will provide realistic and economical strategies to house structure, wet basements or sunken concrete slab scenarios.

If you believe your property in the Bothell, Woodinville and Kenmore area has a condition in one of these categories, give them a call and talk about it.

During a call, you can discuss your situation, possibly hear a little bit of advice and then set up an appointment to come out and check out your home.

After the check up, they will be able to offer you a plan on how to get it sorted out.

Do You Have a House Problem?

Normally it is rather clear that you have a concern. In other instances, the indicators aren’t so easy to notice.

These troubles may appear at any type of house, from a new home to an older one.

Drawing of a mature residence with structure challenges

A Few Signs That May Suggest You Have a Problem:

• You notice irregular or sloping interior floors
• There are spaces right around doors, usually an outside door and garage door
• Some windows or doors stick to their frames when you attempt to open or shut them
• There are splits in exterior or interior brick walls or their mortar
• There’s a vertical crack in sheet rock, frequently between a door frame and the ceiling
• There is rain water in your basement
• You see separating or split interior molding, usually crown or door molding
• You think a floor is weak, bending or uneven, or floor tiles are loose or broke.
• There is a separation between two exterior walls or a wall and the chimney
• You see a crack in a solid surface exterior or interior wall
• You notice a damp crawlspace or water pooling by your house following a rain
• You come across large cracks in your cement basement floor or concrete blocks
• There are spaces between a wall and ceiling or a wall and the floor
• Your basement seems damp, humid and has that musty smell

How Can This Problem Get Fixed?

Property owners in some cases believe their property faults are going to be extremely hard to correct, but, actually, almost all problems can be corrected.

But these large home repairs require a qualified foundation repair contractor and staff, employing the appropriate equipment, to take care of a sinking house foundation, perform a home leveling or correct any serious structural issue.

Waterproofing Basements in Bothell and Kenmore

If you’re getting water down in your basement every once in a while, they will discover why it’s happening and come up with a blueprint to stop it from happening any more.

Your Bothell basement waterproofing situation may not call for almost any real work on the interior of the structure itself. Sometimes all of the critical labor is invested solely on the lot and landscape surrounding your house.

Regardless of what your property situation is, they will come up with a proper strategy to fix it.

Bothell and Woodinville Concrete Slab Lifting

If sections of your cement garage floor, front walk or patio has sunk into the soil, they can often have that corrected too. The process used to lift it back up known as slabjacking or mudjacking.

Mud jacking is a process of powerfully inserting a thick caulk compound under a sunk slab. This mixture takes up space underneath the slab and causes the slab to lift up.

After each of your sidewalk, patio and driveway slabs are all the same height again, they are going to look better. And no one should be tripping on the uneven edges any more either.

How Do These Problems Come Up?

Well, it’s mostly the scientific properties of our ground.

The ground under and around your house frequently transforms, moves and adjusts. It might swell or contract with exposure to water or temperature. Drawing of how one building could bit by bit shift downThis continual expansion, contraction and motion (regardless of how minor) of the soil can put a pressure on a building or any other solid structure.

You may not be able to control our weather or the composition of the soil here in the far north Bellevue or Seattle neighborhoods, but there are some elements you can control.

To start with, your lot needs to be graded so that it shifts water away from your home. Next, you’ll need a decent gutter system to prevent the rain that lands on your house from pooling nearby it.

The sort of soil your house was constructed on is a prime factor too. Some kinds of ground engorges more than other soils when they get exposed to water.

Luckily, in our local neighborhoods, including Woodinville and Kenmore, the soil is labeled as being only medium absorbent, it won’t swell or contract as much as it might in other parts of the country.

A different element that might be a contributing factor is the existence of a significant tree that is too near to your house. Although it doesn’t happen too often, during a lengthy dry period, a large tree’s roots can extract all the moisture from the dirt near it, making the soil too dry and compacted. Big roots might even exert force on your foundation too.

At some point, you may notice smaller cracks throughout the structure of your property.

These slight cracks let in moisture and humid air, and then those smaller cracks could get just a little larger each year.

Can’t I Wait and Do It Later?

When you have a problem at your home, you should get it inspected and repaired if necessary. It’s not really something you should forget about.

If you learn you need to get some work started, you should not ignore that information.

Remember, your basement foundation supports the complete house. The walls, roof and floors all count on it. These issues could be covered when they’re discovered.

Whenever water gets into your basement, it might create disorders including mildew and mold. And these issues will often become worse each year.

Maybe you are interested in putting it off, because you are thinking about selling your house. But no buyer wants to make a down payment on a home that has a foundation problem or indicates telltale signs of water being down in the basement in the past.

And, if you are hoping to sell your house, you should let any serious buyer know about the significant physical troubles with your property or you could be in trouble later on.

A great many problems which seem to the property owner as being too hard to correct can usually be solved. They could require a complex and often tricky process, however they can be accomplished.

A Local Contractor

They have the experience to have your structure job done right. Get Your Property Back in Suitable AppearanceThese contractors and crews have successfully performed these kind of projects before. They can put your building back in top shape.

Which Communities Do They Work In?

The work area consists of the entire north Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan area and the surrounding community including Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville and the 98012, 98028, 98072, 98011, 98021 and 98041 zip codes.

If, for some reason, your Western Washington property is not in an area where they generally operate, they will just let you know when you call.

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