Bayview Area of SF Foundation or Concrete Problem? Wet Basement?

Find affordable solutions to most varieties of building structure, sinking concrete slab and damp basement issues.

If you worry (or you know) you have a predicament in one of these places, contact someone. Just talk it over.

They can probably give you a little decent advice on the phone and set up a time to come over and look at your property.

Do I Have a Problem?

In some cases a southeast San Francisco homeowner has no difficulty noticing they have a structure problem. In some instances, the evidence is just fairly evident.

In other scenarios, the homeowner doesn’t have any idea they have a problem. The signals are often too subtle.

And new houses aren’t immune from these issues either. They can appear no matter what sort of home construction you have or no matter how old your house is.

This property needs to get inspected right away

Common Indicators Your Home Might Have a Problem:

• Cracks in exterior or interior brick walls, solid surface walls or mortar
• Cracks in sheet rock between a door frame and the ceiling
• New spaces around doors, mainly exterior doors and garage doors
• Sloped or uneven floors
• Separation or space between exterior walls or a wall and chimney
• Separated or cracked interior molding, commonly crown or door molding
• Unusual cracks in a cement foundation or basement floor
• Water, dampness or a musty smell in your basement
• Spaces between your ceiling and a wall or ceiling and floor
• Doors or windows that close hard or stick to their frames when you open them
• Floors are saggy, warped or a floor tile has become loose or broken
• Water pools near your home after a rain or in your crawlspace

Are These Issues Easy to Repair?

Sure, often these problems appear as if they will be hard deal with. A San Francisco County homeowner may believe their house problem will be nearly impossible to repair, or it will cost a lot of money to get completed.

But many cases can get fixed at a reasonable cost.

A good company can take on this sort of job, but just when they have a trained lead contractor, good workers and the most reliable equipment.

It’s a difficult job, but it can get done. And once it’s done, your building will be safe and secure again.

Waterproofing Basements in Bayview or Hunters Point

If your basement is wet, a check up will attempt to find out what is causing water to leak in it.

It’s possible they may know how to cure the condition without needing access to the basement walls after all.

Southeast San Francisco Area Slab Jacking Services

If a section of your concrete front sidewalk or driveway has sunk down into the ground too much, they can fix that too. This process is called mudjacking (or slab jacking).

Slab jacking is a cool process.

It involves driving a dense filler material under the section of concrete that has sunk down. The pressure of this filler underneath the cement slowly drives the slab up to the position it initially was at.

After all your walkway, porch and driveway slabs are all at the same level again, they are going to look even better. And no one will be tripping on them any more either.

How Do These Problems Occur Anyway?

Well, it’s simply the natural properties of the ground our houses are built on. The dirt sitting below your home gradually evolves, adjusts and moves. It stretches and contracts as a consequence of exposure to moisture and temperature changes. Do Not Make Your Residence Sink Like The One in This Sketch

This sluggish, but continued, expansion and contracting of the soil can put sizable pressure on even current properties.

As you can’t influence the weather here on the coast of Northern California, having your house located on a yard which has lousy drainage or unsuitable grading can be top reasons in whether or not you develop a structure problem at your residence.

Simply putting up decent rain gutters can really help keep unwanted rain water away from your home. It’s a quick repair which might have a big effect.

One crucial element that a property owner can not alter is the physical characteristics of the soil their house sits on.

The characteristics of soil and ground in different sections of the country can vary substantially.

Some soil varieties will be more absorbent than others. The more absorbent the soil is, the more moisture it retains and the more it will expand when it gets wet. Large expansion is not good. Fortunately, most Bay Area soil is not very absorbent.

One other less common cause that may occur every now and again comes from having a great tree planted too close to your house. When that tree gets big it may cause trouble as the roots spread out under the building and puts stress on sewer lines and anything else it comes in contact with.

Such ecological pressure may play a role in developing modest cracking in your home’s structure. These smallish cracks allow in moisture and small insects, and those small cracks can get bigger as time goes on.

Can I Wait On It?

If you are worried you could be looking at a situation like this, just get it looked over.

It may be the issue you’re all concerned about isn’t anything significant. But after you have it checked, at least you’ll know for sure.

You should not neglect it. Don’t forget, your foundation literally holds up your entire home. The floors, walls and roof rely on it. If you can’t take care of it you may land in a difficult challenge.

And if you regularly notice rainwater in your basement, the combination of water and time can cause mold growth. And getting mold growing in your house could be a real mess.

And if you’re considering selling your home without rectifying the problem, there are just a few property buyers that want to bid on a home which has any structure trouble or shows indications of earlier water seepage down in the basement.

As a home seller, it’s important to divulge to the buyer all significant issues with your property or you may be in trouble down the road. So you shouldn’t just ignore the problem and then leave it up to the next owner.

Many problems which look to the homeowner as being impossible to correct can typically be remedied after all. They may involve a complicated and often difficult repair process, however they can get done.

You Have Local Choices

Talk with one of the few hometown businesses that have been operating in this home repair field for some time. You are sure to enjoy having a safe place like this one again

Local specialists and crews have the knowledge to manage full structure inspections and properly take care of your circumstances.

The Communities Worked In

Work gets done all over San Francisco County including the SF neighborhoods of Bayview and Hunters Point and the 94124 zip code.

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