Foundation, Concrete or Water Problems Got You Down?

These pros affordably repair concrete cracks, sinking concrete slabs, building structure issues and wet or damp basements.

If you think your home is experiencing one of these situations, make a short call today to discuss it.

If you can make a quick call, they will discuss what is going on and set up an appointment time to come over to your home and provide you with their opinion on exactly how they would fix it.

Not Sure Your Ann Arbor Area Home Has a Problem?

In some instances it is obvious when there is a concern.

In other instances, the warning signs aren’t very easy to notice.

These complications may appear with any style of house, from a new home to an older one.

Drawing of a shaky residence

Some Indications That Might Indicate You Have Problems:

• Spaces around an interior door, exterior door or garage door

• Interior or exterior brick walls or mortar have cracks

• Sizable cracks in a concrete foundation or cement basement floor

• Cracks going up and down in drywall, even if they aren’t too long

• Pitched or bouncy interior floors

• Visual gaps between exterior walls or a wall and chimney

• Doors or windows are opening and closing hard and sticking to their frames

• Cracks in exterior walls

• Rain water is getting into your basement several times

• A soggy crawlspace or puddles of water close to your home after rains

• Separation or cracks in interior molding

• Spaces between walls and ceiling or the walls and the floor

• Your basement appears damp or humid

How Can My Problem Get Fixed?

Homeowners regularly assume their property situations will be close to impossible to solve, but, in fact, nearly all problems can be corrected.

However, these sorts of house repairs do take knowledgeable foundation repair contractors and experienced crews, using the proper equipment, to perform a proper home leveling, save a sunken building foundation, or effectively complete any other substantial house project.

Best Basement Waterproofing Company in Ann Arbor

In case you are finding water in your basement once in a while, they will find out why it happens and figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

To make your basement dry, they might have to work on the inside of the basement. Lots of the time they are able to get the project finished by working only outside the house.

They might see a way to halt water from coming into your home by dealing with the grading of the lot, putting up gutters, putting in a french drain or other plan.

They may not need to obtain access to your basement walls at all.

Ann Arbor Concrete Lifting Service

If you have a portion of your cement patio, sidewalk or driveway which has sunk through the years, they can typically get that corrected.

The work method used is often called either slabjacking or mudjacking.

(Wet cement is usually known as “mud” in this business.)

Mud jacking is a procedure in which a worker will forcefully push a mud-like material below the sunken slab.

This chemical filler is strong enough to slowly force the low slab further up to the ideal height.

Cement slab lifting improves the appearance of sunken walkway sections by getting them all level again. This also helps to stop accidental tripping and falls.

Why Is This Situation Happening to Me?

The ground under and around your house and driveway steadily moves a tiny bit. It can compress or expand somewhat due to moisture content and heat or cold.

Illustration of a small house with deep settling worriesThis movement will put stress on whatever building is above it. Most buildings are equipped for some of this activity, but too much movement, too often, could move even a new house.

While you can’t influence the weather where you live, having your home located on a lot which has poor water drainage or incorrect yard grading or your house does not have sound rain gutters could be significant factors in whether or not you develop a nasty situation.

The makeup of the ground your house was built on is a prominent factor as well.

Some kinds of soil swell more than others when it gets wet.

Luckily, in South Michigan, the ground is not as absorbent as it is in other sections of the country.

The substantial roots of a big tree close to your home may actually extract all the available moisture from under the house, making it get too dry during our Summer dry season.

This extreme lack of moisture can cause the soil to contract and shrink too much.

These issues can contribute to the development of smallish concrete cracks after a while.

Very small cracks can let in moisture and can grow into larger cracks. And those bigger cracks can create challenges.

I Would Like To Put It Off And Do It Later

If you or someone else has a sense that you have a situation at your house, you really should have it checked out.

Then you will learn whether or not you have a real problem and if it has to be repaired right now or not.

The examination itself is not something you should forget about.

Cement problems will not get better with time.

In fact, they usually get worse.

You may be in a position to wait on having the repair work started, yet it could be in your best interest to attend to it right now.

Whenever moisture slowly drains into a basement, it can cause troubles over the years including mildew and mold.

And it will just become worse over time.

If you’re contemplating putting your home up for sale, no real estate buyer wants to invest in a property that has any type of structure challenge or has signs of moisture in the basement.

And, if you’re trying to sell a house, you have to share any known major problems with your home or you might be in trouble down the line.

Don’t worry and imagine that your condition will be too complicated to fix.

And don’t worry that it will cost a lot.

A knowledgeable contractor and team can rectify just about any challenge you have.

And the cost might be lower than what you are visualizing.

Get Your House Repaired

When it comes to deciding upon which contractor to use for your project, you have a few options. The Structure Improvements Are Done and Things are Back in Shape

These trained and tested contractors and teams have the needed training and knowledge come out and complete structure inspections and you’ll be satisfied with the work.

Where in Town is Service Available?

They can service almost all property owners in the suburbs far west of Detroit. The typical areas are the University of Michigan area, Gallup Park, Eastern Michigan University district, Ypsilanti, Superior Charter Township, Pittsfield Charter Township and Willow River Airport area.

Even if you reside a bit beyond the area, call anyway and they can let you know for certain.

Taking On Projects Here:

  • University of Michigan District
  • Gallup Park
  • Eastern Michigan University area
  • Ypsilanti MI
  • Superior Charter Township
  • Pittsfield Charter Township
  • Willow River Airport area
  • All Ann Arbor MI suburbs

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